Music to his ears: the village of Meghalaya composes a melody for Prime Minister Narendra Modi; viral video: La Tribune Inde

Tribune Web Office
Chandigarh, November 27

One village in Meghalaya has enshrined Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its centuries-old tradition, NDTV said in its report.

In Kongthong of Meghalaya, a village in the hills of the state and also known as the “whistling village,” mothers compose a special tune for each child at birth, NDTV said in its report.

Known as “jingrwai lawbei” which means “song of the first woman of the clan” – a reference to the mythical original mother of the Khasi people – custom means that everyone in this Khasi village receives a special melody which is given to her. is attributed at birth, and their conventional “real” names are rarely used, according to the report

The village is 60 km from the capital Shillong and the nearest town is several hours’ walk away, NDTV said. The Ministry of Tourism recently nominated the village for the UNWTO’s competition for the best tourist villages in India, NDTV said.

The air was in response to this. It was composed by a woman from the village, tweeted Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and retweeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Honorable PM Narendra Modi, please accept this special song composed by the villagers of Kongthong in your honor and in appreciation of GoI’s efforts to promote the village as a premier tourist destination,” Sangma tweeted.

“I thank the people of Kongthong for this kind gesture. The Indian government is fully committed to boosting the tourism potential of the Meghalaya. And yes, we also saw some great photos from the recent Cherry Blossom Festival in the state. Looks very beautiful. @SangmaConrad, ”Modi replied.

In the video, a woman identified as Kong Shidiat Khongsit is seen sitting outside a wooden hut humming a tune for the prime minister, with the green hills in the background.

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