More Clementines – “Who Remembers the Light”

by Carolina Simonato (@smntcarolina)

Four years have passed since More clementines self-titled debut album released – or did they? I’m not so sure anymore, “Hot Peace” pleasantly makes me dizzy. Then again, what else could one have expected from More Klementines? Michael Kiefer (drums), Jon Schlesinger (guitar, lap steel, vocals) and Steubs (who, here, takes care of mandolin, guitar, bass, electronics and brand tree) are back with Who remembers the light, looking like people who have never been there. The album sucks you straight into the jam of “Hot Peace”, par for the course when it comes to this band.

Then on “Key of Caesar” there’s suddenly a voice and lyrics and a new layer of emotion to connect with. It’s as “song” as a More Klementines track, and I’m doubly happy about it, both for what it echoes and for what makes it fresh. This old structure offers a new way of experiencing the band whose name is a serious contender as a follow-up to the phrase “So, do you like fifteen-minute experimental psychedelic jams?” »

Who remembers the light deepens the repertoire of these never-boring musicians, always exploring in a way that is both expected, in terms of quality, and unexpected, in terms of the directions that quality can take. Each of these four tracks, very well aligned, is an adventure in sound texture. That and color, the sometimes forgotten siblings of pitch and rhythm, are guided across the band’s playground, often swaying gracefully, sometimes scraping their knees against the gravel, as in the deliciously crisp “Who Remembers Light”. Again, these are people who (probably) know exactly what they are doing or who fake their way to that impression so well that it reaches a new level of honesty. Either way, it’s a joyous ride. In these times of constant beeps and things to do and things that haven’t been done yet and errands to run and emails to answer and shows to watch, stop. Switch off and sit down or lie down or stand up, whatever feels most comfortable to you. Allow Who remembers the light to bring you to her.

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