Mick Jagger says he crashed at Nashville Bachelorette Party


Alice Cooper once bragged about go to church incognito, but Mick Jagger decided to outdo him on the current Rolling Stones tour by hosting bachelorette parties and showing up unexpectedly at bars.

The 78-year-old singer announced during the group’s show on Saturday at Nissan Stadium in Nashville that he had visited some of Music City’s local hangouts the day before.

“I went to Printers Alley and sang ‘Honky Tonk Women’ at a karaoke bar,” Jagger said onstage, according to United States today. “I had a bachelorette party at a pedal tavern. They loved my Goo Goo Clusters. We all ended up at the Wild Beaver on a Clockwork Bull.”

Jagger posted some photos of his adventures in Nashville to Twitter on Friday. Sporting a casual joggers wardrobe, a half-unbuttoned shirt and a baseball cap, the singer admired deer in the woods and posed in front of a dump with a puzzled look on his face. He also shared a video montage of himself walking through downtown Nashville, where he went unnoticed crossing a busy street in an all-black outfit.

This is not Jagger’s first secret adventure on the current stage of the Rolling Stones’ No Filter Tour. He reportedly “went unnoticed” during a recent stop at a Charlotte, North Carolina bar called the Thirsty Beaver. Jagger took a photo on the waterhole patio, flanked by several people who were not paying attention to him.

“I scanned the credit card receipts to see if I had a Mick Jagger signature somewhere,” said Brian Wilson, co-owner of Thirsty Beaver, after the frontman’s photo went viral. “It would have been hung on the wall.” Alas, Wilson wasn’t lucky to find a receipt, so Jagger probably paid cash.

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