madrasas: speculation about ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ madrasas has stained atmosphere: head of UP board

According to Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, chairman of the UP Board of Madrasa Education, speculative reports calling madrasas “legal” or “illegal” have stained the atmosphere and harmed the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds enrolled in seminaries .

Javed, who is also the national secretary of the minority BJP front, has sought to dispel unconfirmed reports that 2,500 UP madrasas have been removed from government records. “The investigative work will continue until October 5 and the report will be submitted to the government by October 25. So far, no information has been given to either the government or the board. However , rumors and labeling of seminars stained the atmosphere,” he said. . The list of 2,500 madrasas that were not on the portal were recognized madrasas. When the education portal was created in 2018, they could not be added for technical reasons. The survey, on the other hand, was to find the number of unrecognized madrasas.

Currently, there are 16,513 recognized madarsas, of which 560 are subsidized by the government. There is no data on the number of unrecognized seminaries that are being investigated.

“I urge intellectuals, social workers and educators to refrain from discussions that could hinder the conclusion of a simple investigation. Investigations of schools and colleges are common, even if it is the first time that madrasahs are investigated. Use of adjectives like “legal-illegal”, “authentic-fake” have stained the atmosphere. It is well known that people enrolled in madrasas come from poor backgrounds and are not admitted elsewhere. Such rumors will negatively affect their education,” he said.

Javed had said last Sunday that the UP government had not granted recognition to any madrasa or improved the recognition of any institute in the past 7 years. With the increase in population and the establishment of more madrasas, it was only natural that their number should be high.

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