Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Get Cloud Saves, Gamepad Support, Achievements and More in New Update

Adeline Software’s much-loved Little Big Adventure series can now be enjoyed with a welcome selection of modern niceties – including cloud saves, controller support and Steam achievements – thanks to an all-new update on Steam.

The original Little Big Adventure – an evocative mix of platformer, puzzler and exploration that followed young hero Twinsen as he tried to escape the evil dictator Dr FunFrock – was released in 1994 and has was followed by a sequel three years later. Needless to say, at over a quarter of a century old, both were decidedly lacking in modern polish.

Developer 2.21, which now owns the rights to the series (and counts Little Big Adventure co-creator Didier Chanfray as a founder), has announced that it will be updating Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 in March, although there is no estimated time of arrival. for his improvements.

Twinsen’s classic Little Big Adventure trailer.

That work, however, is finally complete, and both games now include controller support, Steam achievements, Steam cloud saving, menu language selection, input remapping, support for windows, a toggle between walls, and a new game+. The latter mode allows players to start a game using end-game items like the Saber, Protopack, and Magic Level 4.

All of these new additions have now been added to the Classic versions of Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 on Steam (now officially known as Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure to avoid confusion with Sony’s Little Big Planet) in a free update that will make its way to GoG and Luna “very soon”. Owners can also play the retro editions of each game – essentially, the original versions more or less as they were when they were released – by downloading them as free DLC.

Along with its work improving the original releases of Little Big Adventure, 2.21 is also looking to revisit the series in a new “reboot” – although it seems that project is still a long way off.

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