Lisey’s Story: Great Cast Lifts Stephen King’s languid, atmospheric Apple story


SEE AGAIN: Magical surrealism. Kissing those two words will be the key to your enjoyment of Stephen King’s latest series. Lisey’s story (now streaming on AppleTV +).

An eight-part adaptation of one of the American horror man’s favorite creations from Maine, it’s a rare reimagining by the author himself.

Inspired by his own contact with death in 1999, when he was hit by a van, the 2006 novel won the prestigious Bram Stoker Award.

As the title suggests, this is the story of Lisey Landon (Julianne Moore), a widow still picking up the pieces of her life two years after the death of her husband, famous author Scott Landon (Clive Owen) . Convinced that he is always present in his life, his ability to move on is not helped by regular visits from those seeking to access his papers and potentially unpublished documents. He created the Pulitzer Prize The coaster’s daughter after all.

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The last unsolicited caller is Professor Dashmiel (It’s us’ Ron Cephas Jones), a man present when Scott was shot while opening a university library. However, his pleadings were quickly rejected. “You’ll never see his papers,” Lisey shouts.

“You’re just a restaurant hostess who caught his eye,” he spits back. “The fact that you slept in his bed does not give you the right to refuse his job. “

The sometimes languid style of Chilean director Pablo Larrain is not for the impatient or fans of linear storytelling.


The sometimes languid style of Chilean director Pablo Larrain is not for the impatient or fans of linear storytelling.

Enraged, Lisey jumps into her car, leaving a gash on the trunk of the professor’s car. She has more pressing concerns anyway. The troubled older sister Amanda (Joan Allen) is apparently in the middle of a manic episode and may have started to self-harm again.

Arriving at a phalanx of alarms, Lisey discovers empty pill bottles, burnt macaroni and cheese, and Amanda in a semi-catatonic state. Not knowing what to do next, she discovers a piece of paper of her late husband’s handwriting. In love with “mad hunts”, this is clearly a clue to a riddle which, once solved, leads her to a page in Amanda’s contact book. This provides another clue and a doctor’s phone number. By ringing it, he reveals that Scott had told him that this could happen someday and that the care in a facility has already been paid for.

From his striking opening titles of wooden puppets to his regular moments of contemplation, follow on fantasy visions and a lush orchestral score, the Chilean director Pablo Larrain (Jackie, Tony manero) the sometimes languid style is not for the impatient or the fans of linear storytelling.

While some will host an adaptation of King where the characters have a chance to breathe, instead of just running from one spooky setting to another, others may restrict the show to more ambiance-oriented aspects.

We certainly can’t complain about the casting. Best known for their cinematic work, Moore and Allen clearly seem to rejoice in the opportunity to provide greater depth in their performances, while Dane DeHaan is a chilling presence as an obsessed Scott Landon fan tasked with persuading Lisey to change. of Scott’s doodles. .

Julianne Moore and Joan Allen play sisters in Apple TV + 's Lisey's Story.


Julianne Moore and Joan Allen play sisters in Apple TV + ‘s Lisey’s Story.

And while it’s not as blatantly relevant to the current pandemic as Amazon’s recent disappointing reshuffle The stallKing still managed to find something to say.

“In a world that has grown dark, if every book is a light, then every library is a bonfire around which 10,000 people come to warm up every day,” Scott told the crowd on his fateful last day.

A heavy puzzle that not all viewers might want to solve, it could be one more for Moore and Larrain fans than it is for the King himself.

Lisey’s story is now available to stream on Apple TV +

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