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Friendly pickleball atmosphere

I have been involved in sport all my life, whether playing, coaching or teaching for over 50 years. The friendly atmosphere of pickleball is something I have never seen before. It’s a gift for everyone involved!

For example, I went alone to Monument Valley hoping to play a game. Much to my delight and amazement, two people (thanks Ed and Zach) each gave me an hour of their time and expertise on the game of pickleball. It was a fantastic learning experience for me. People are always cheering others on the pitch.

What really had the biggest impact was the sense of community and people helping others!

Thanks to a wonderful group of people!

Caroline Engquist

colorado springs

Throwing away our beautiful state

I do not understand ! Other states have a hefty $500 fine for littering. Why not Colorado? If you throw your trash out the window and someone takes a picture, or the police see you, there’s a $500 fine with signs posted all over the roads. Why not do this… it might help. It’s so frustrating to see people littering our beautiful state.

Sue Gordon

colorado springs

Children are a blessing

Many people are concerned about the possibility that Roe v. Wade is knocked down. If and when it comes to a final Supreme Court decision, it doesn’t mean women won’t be able to have abortions anymore…it just puts the matter in the hands of each state.

In our state, Jared Polis has invited anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted precious life, to come and vacation in our great state to take care of this “little inconvenience”. I think he should be very grateful that the woman or women who gave birth to his and her husband’s children did not decide to abort.

So don’t worry ladies, don’t feel pressured to use the plethora of birth control options when it’s so easy to be lazy and kill a baby. Where are the rights of innocent babies? How will you explain this decision to the Almighty on the day of judgment?

All life is a precious gift. I have two adoring beautiful children and I have also suffered two miscarriages. Losing a child is devastating. I can’t bring myself to lose a child on purpose. Children are a blessing. Many people are unable to have a child and would adopt in a heartbeat.

It’s a great alternative to abortion and would be such a beautiful gift of love to give someone.

Therese Brown

colorado springs

The word of God does not change

On May 3, under The Gazette “Your Viewpoint,” Reverend Deborah Tinsley wrote, “Things don’t stay static.” It’s true. She says: “life, culture, science evolve”. It’s also true. Then she gets to what she really means, which is “strict adherence to old ways of understanding gender identity is wrong.”

Many choose to live their lives by following the dictates of life changes, culture and science. Reverend Tinsley seems to believe that we should live our lives and adjust our beliefs to whatever is going on around us. I wouldn’t say “amen” to this sermon.

The Bible is very old and contains many ancient beliefs and standards of living. It does not teach us to follow the ways of the up-to-date crowd. On the contrary, it teaches us to live according to the word of God, which has existed for hundreds of years. I Peter 1:25 and Isaiah 40:8 say, “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God endures forever.” I don’t believe the word of God is wrong.

Reverend Vern Swim

colorado springs

This is a privacy issue

The democratization of abortion is a mistake. A woman’s right to make the very private/personal decision to continue/terminate an unwanted pregnancy should not differ from state to state. The idea that a state’s voters should have a say in what a woman chooses to do with her body is mind-boggling, especially when all men and most women have never faced a unwanted pregnancy invading their body.

In case of rape/contraception failure, these women did not want to be pregnant. In case of fetal health issues/danger to the pregnant woman, the painful decision should be made by the woman and her doctor. To compare the right to make decisions about one’s body with disclosing income, background checks, executing search warrants, requiring vaccinations, or legalizing marijuana ignores the fundamental difference…it is a “privacy issue”…a matter in which voters should not be involved. Define the values ​​of Bible Belt states as a factor in crafting their laws and support voters in states that promote the rights of the unborn, refer to “fetal life” and “human beings to be born,” is a violation of a woman’s religious freedom…something pro-choice people don’t emphasize, but should.

If a woman’s religion doesn’t define life as beginning at conception (which many religions don’t), why should her right to choose be limited because she lives in a biblical girdle state. Why should the state be able to ignore his right to enforce his religious beliefs by making this very private decision. A woman’s rights should not be decided by referendum, but should be and are codified in our Constitution.

As the Constitution indicates, the lack of delineation of this right does not diminish its importance – the framers could never have imagined that voters believed they had the right to limit a woman’s right to control her own body.

Kathleen Pivarski

colorado springs

Hypocrisy is the greatest of sins

Thank you, Tina Routhier, I completely agree with you. Hypocrisy is by far the greatest sin. It’s time to call a spade a spade.

Run the government, stay out of my room.

David Zeringue

Security/wide field

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