LeBron James reacts to video of head coach audition


LeBron James was out of action on Tuesday when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs in a hard-fought overtime victory. However, it is clear that his presence was felt throughout the competition.

At one point, LeBron was caught on camera passionately giving instructions to his Lakers teammate Malik Monk. At this point, it looked like the four-time NBA champion was aiming for Frank Vogel’s head coach job:

LeBron definitely saw the video and has since responded to the now-viral moment (h / t Angelo Guinhawa on Twitter):

James reposted an image from his Coach Bron moment and explained that in his mind, it was about helping his Lakers teammates elevate their level of greatness. Based on the exchange we saw in Tuesday’s game, it’s clear that LeBron really, really wants Malik Monk to be great.

James is currently struggling with an ankle problem and has now been ruled out for a second straight game. LeBron will be out of the Lakers’ fight against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. Nonetheless, you can be sure that Coach Bron will be quite active on the sidelines of this one.

It’s also worth noting that Anthony Davis was called dubious on Wednesday after suffering a knee injury against Spurs.

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