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LEXINGTON, Ky. (KT) – Mike Leach is known for his football knowledge, but he’s also a good off-topic quote and he had a lot to say on a variety of things this week.

More than talking about the next Mississippi State contest scheduled for Saturday against Kentucky, Leach spent time at her weekly press conference talking about sweet corn and her aversion to the traditional Halloween treat. Leach reportedly said he hated Candy Corn – “completely”.

Leach made the comments to Alyssa Lang of the SEC Network after the Bulldogs’ 45-6 win over Vanderbilt last weekend and was caught off guard that her comments went viral online.

“I’m a little surprised that the video was compelling for a number of people,” Leach said. “That’s good. You get a lot of candy corn, and people try to sell it.

While it’s a popular treat this time of year, Leach isn’t buying the product, let alone looking to become a spokesperson. He would be more apt to promote Gummy Bears than Candy Corn.

“When I was young – the kind of thing where it gets all over your hands and face – it wasn’t long before I realized that was a big mistake and that there were much better ways to go. browse that Candy Corn. I have no interest. This is one of the items that there’s a reason they basically serve it once a year because it’s not very good to start with.

Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops was asked about Leach’s comments earlier this week.

“I knew this question was coming – I did,” he said. “Do you want me to do my best Mike Leach (imitation)?” There is one and only one Mike, and I won’t even try to go, so I stay away. You can tell by me that I eat any candy.

While there is a contrast in styles, Stoops considers himself a fan of Leach and his off-topic comments.

“I’ll let Mike Leach be Mike Leach,” Stoops said. “I love Mike and I love to listen to him too, but nobody wants to listen to Mark Stoops trying to be Mike Leach. I told you the first day, genuine, be who you are. I am who I am. “

Leach, meanwhile, knows what he would give some members of the media if they showed up at his house on Halloween.

“The coupons, what would you give them?” Definitely, something better than an apple, ”said the former Kentucky offensive coordinator. “Definitely something big like a candy bar.

“We had a dentist who grew up giving everyone a toothbrush and their card on it. You had a toothbrush telling you where to find him.”

You never know what to expect from Leach on and off the pitch.

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