KRIGSGRAV Drop Atmosphere New single “Absence”


Texas-based Blackened Woe Merchants Krigsgrave are back with a more atmospheric melancholy metal. “Absence” is from their next LP The split and is an absolutely amazing combination of atmospheric black metal and melodic death metal.

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“This song was the first full song written for The split, and the first written by Cody. We had other songs in the works but not completely finished, so “Absence” served as a counterpoint and helped us shape other songs so that we could do a good balance of material for this album. The ending is just epic and I think it helps brighten up the album at the right time. “- Jay Coleman comments.

Krigsgrav takes inspiration from the best of the best of rustic dark metal and Swedish 90s black metal with hypnotic melodies, creating a sound that is both dark and colossal. The split is Krigsgrav’s sixth LP and is the debut album featuring newly recruited solo guitarist Cody Daniels. The album is due out on August 6th and you can pre-order your copy HERE.

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