Kapiolani CC lends ventilators amid COVID-19 crisis

Kapi’olani CC Assistant Professor Robert Vega stands with ventilators to lend to health organizations.

the respiratory care practitioner program at Kapi’olani Community College has 11 ventilators ready to be loaned to local health agencies in anticipation of increased need in the coming weeks.

A mechanical ventilator or respirator provides vital assistance in treating patients unable to breathe on their own. Hawaii Health Care Emergency Management coordinate the distribution of supplies and equipment and oversee the loan process and direct the use of ventilators where they are needed most.

the Kapi’olani CC emergency medical technician program, located on Hawaii Island, also made two portable ventilators and supplies available to Hilo Medical Center to support preparedness efforts there.

“We know that despite our best efforts using social distancing, good hygiene and respiratory etiquette, there will be an increased number of people in our community, our ‘ohana, who will be admitted to our distressed local intensive care units. respiratory. The availability of ventilators will be critical, literally the difference between life and death, ”said Lisa B. Radak, Kapi’olani CC dean of university health programs.

“These ventilators could potentially save hundreds of people. There was no question Kapi’olani Community College would loan them to our healthcare partners during this crisis. We can only hope that they are not needed.

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