Jotaro Kujo and 9 other anime heroes with exactly the same powers as the villain


Some anime characters deal with superpowers by denying them – a handy tip when living in a world of superpowers. In some long-running animated series, the characters get ridiculously overpowered just to stay ahead of the bad guys. But, in rare cases, two opponents are tied in the most literal way possible – they share the same powers.

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What happens when neither the hero nor the villain have a real advantage over the other? Usually the result is a long and never-ending battle, one that pushes the hero to go beyond what he has done in the past to find a new solution, one that their double, hopefully, will not find. first.

ten Jotaro Kujo and DIO’s stands are pretty balanced (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Jotaro is the third titular JoJo in the series. His stand is Star Platinum, and he’s incredibly powerful. This gives him superhuman strength, sensory perception, speed and endurance. The only downside is that it is only effective at close range. Another possible vulnerability could have been that it is very similar to DIO’s The World Stand. Naturally, the two meet for a battle, and at the end of it, it is revealed that the two Stands can also be used to stop time.

9 Hollow Ichigo is a photo-negative version of Ichigo (bleach)

Hollow White Ichigo

Zangetsu, Hollow Ichigo or White Ichigo is the manifested spirit of Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zanpakutō and his inner Hollow. It’s a fusion of inherited powers: Hollow White from his mother and Shinigami from his father. He looks like a photo-negative version of Ichigo, and he has the same weapon. White Ichigo can even find a few tricks of his own in combat. It’s an idea that comes up in Bleach when Ishida, Renji, Pesche and Dondochakka fight their own clones in their fight against Szayelaporro.

8 Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker End Their Collapsed Fight on the Ground (Fairy Tail)

Erza vs. Erza

Natsu was troubled to see Erza Scarlet take on Erza Knightwalker in Fairy tale. Both are scary and they are the ultimate enemies on a par. During their great battle, they destroy their own clothes and weapons – they even destroy the floating island they are fighting on. The fight turns into a one-on-one hand-to-hand fight, and the two end up exhausted on the ground. Scarlet must use her powers of persuasion to convince others of the rightness of her cause.

7 Kid Kaito foils his double robot (Magic Kaito 1412)

Kaito Kid from Magic Kaito 1412

The protagonist in Magic Kaito 1412 and a recurring character in Detective Conan, Kaito Kid is a phantom thief and trickster, and the secret identity of Kaito Kuruba. The sophomore high school student and magician picks up where his late father, the ex-Kaitou Kid, left off.

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He faces a double android in an episode that could replicate anything he could throw at him. He eventually foils it by shooting himself – the trick being that his gun was a toy. When the android fired, his real bullets tore his metal brain.

6 Black Saints are dark counterparts of the true knights of the zodiac (Saint Seiya)

Black saints of Saint Seiya

Black Saints (also known as Ankoku Saints) were once Saints themselves. As such, they have used their strength for evil and been stripped of their titles – but they still retain their powers. Black Pegasus, Black Andromeda, Black Dragon and Black Swan are the dark mirror of the corresponding Knights of the Zodiac. Known as The Black Four, their powers were the counterpart of the four true saints who fight for Athena in the world of Saint SeiyaPegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus (Swan) Hyoga and Andromeda Shun.

5 The Precures Battle Evil Cures In A Mirror World (Yes! Pretty Cure 5 The Movie & Smile Pretty Cure!)

Pretty Cures - Kingdom of Mirrors

The Pretty Cures run into their evil counterparts on multiple occasions. In Smile pretty remedy! (the animated series), the Bad End Pretty Cure (or Glitter Shadow Force), are created by Joker with five perks and the final setting. These are the exact opposites of the Smile Cures, and they must fight their Bad End versions one by one. In Yes! pretty remedy 5 (the movie), the Pretty Cures find themselves in The Mirror Kingdom fighting Shadow. There, they must fight the evil Doppelganger Cures to get out.

4 Elaina and Elaina from an alternate chronological battle but then make peace (Wandering Witch: The Journey Of Elaina)

In the very last episode of Wandering Witch: Elaina’s Journey, Elaina travels to a country where people claim that wishes can come true. But the places she meets seem familiar to her, and then she meets many different versions of herself.

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They are Elaina from different eras. One of them is violent and attacks the others. The real Elaina wants her to stop and engage in an epic battle with her, but it ends in peace between the two of them.

3 Takumi ends up facing his racing doppelganger (initial D)

Takumi Fujiwara is an 18-year-old high school student who delivers tofu for his father’s business in a 1983 Toyota AE86. Eventually, he is persuaded to take an interest in street racing. In the final episode, he faces someone who has pretty much the same background as him, including the fact that he wasn’t initially keen on the idea. He knows the mountain pass where they run like the back of his hand, and after a close race, Takumi blows up his engine… then squeezes the clutch to back up to the finish line.

2 Guy’s team faces copies of themselves (Naruto: Shippuden)

Might Guy fights the clone

During the rescue of the Kazekage at Naruto: Shippuden, Team Guy is sent to help. After a series of adventures, they reach Akatsuki’s hideout, where they remove five seals that create a barrier. But in doing so, they unlock a built-in security called Mirrored Sudden Attacker Technique that creates clones of the team, each with the same weapons and combat skills. A battle ensues, and it seems difficult at first, but the real Team Guy realizes that he can keep improving his fighting skills while the clones can only stay the same.

1 Hyper Metal Sonic looks so much like the real Sonic that he becomes a hero (Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie)

Sonic And Metal Sonic

Hyper Metal Sonic, or simply Metal Sonic, is a robot created by Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He has only one goal: to defeat Sonic and destroy the Land of Heaven. Metal Sonic looks like the real Sonic, and he has all of his abilities. He even has Sonic’s life data (including memories) infused into his metal brain. What Robotnik hadn’t anticipated, however, was that the two would have a mental connection that would allow them to hear each other’s thoughts. Eventually, Metal Sonic sacrificed himself to save the others.

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