Johnny Rockets waitress arrested after allegedly robbing coworker


Danielle Marie Tsatsaron

A waitress at Johnny Rockets restaurant in The Villages has been arrested after allegedly robbing a colleague.

Danielle Marie Tsatsaron, 33, was contacted at her home at 327 Arbella Loop in the village of Amelia, and was asked to consent to an interview on Friday at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Annex on the road to County 466 and Boulevard Morse in the villages.

MPs had obtained CCTV which showed Tsatsaron was at the restaurant at Sumter Landing Lake on May 23. She had shown up for her shift around 3 p.m. that day and made her way to the washroom where she had found the apron, the waiter’s book and a coworker’s wallet. which contained $ 491, according to the arrest report. The items, including $ 230 in cash, were then collected from a trash can located between Johnny Rockets and Garvino’s Cigars, Fine Wines and Gifts.

Tsatsaron was arrested for theft. It was turned into a felony due to previous arrests for theft, including a 2004 arrest in Newburgh, NY

She has also been arrested several times in Les Villages:

• Last year, she was arrested after a lengthy visit to Culver’s restroom in Southern Trace Plaza.

• In 2017, Tsatsaron was arrested after being found in possession of drugs during a shoplifting at Beall’s.

• In 2016, Tsatsaron was arrested along with two other people when a bumper fell from a golf cart on the historic side of the villages.

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