Is Tamil Nadu’s Finance Minister an American Citizen? Affirmations go viral


On May 30, claims that Tamil Nadu’s current finance minister, Palanivel Thiagarajan, was an American citizen went viral. Saravanaprasad Balasubramanian, editorial member of News Portal Mediyaan, claimed in a Twitter post that by scanning the US citizenship documents, it was discovered that Thiagarajan was a US citizen. Thiagarajan responded to similar allegations on May 20 and used a “cow urine” jibe to respond to the surfer who raised the allegations.

In the post, Balasubramanian said, “Analysis of US citizenship records shows that current Tamil Nadu finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan is a US citizen. According to Indian law, it is illegal for a foreign citizen to stand for election or vote. “

In the following tweet, he referred to a Facebook post from a PS Narenthiran where he claimed to have found Thiagarajan’s file as a US citizen.

In a follow-up post written in Tamil, he wrote: “It is usually possible to know information such as a US citizen or a green card holder or an H1-B visa. If you pay as already said. The information I gathered on a Tamil Nadu finance minister also came from a similar company. I stop with this, although I can get more information than that. He explained how someone can take US citizenship and added, “Another minister can prove himself like that. The truth is, it doesn’t even take five minutes. But let’s wait and see if he does.

When we tried to search the US citizenship database at, we found a record associated with the name Palanivel Thiagarajan. Although two people may have similar names, what caught our attention was the names of potential relatives which included “Margaret Rajan”.

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It should be noted that Thiagarajan is married to an American citizen named Margaret and has two children. Thiagarajan had lived in the United States for 20 years after leaving India in 1987. Margaret was his classmate and later married him. In 2007, after his father’s disappearance, he returned to India. In 2011, he moved to Singapore for a job and stayed there for four years. In 2015, he returned to India for good and contested the 2016 election under DMK.

Thiagarajan had laughed at the allegations

This is not the first time that Thiagarajan has faced allegations related to his citizenship. On May 20, an anonymous Twitter account made similar allegations in which the user claimed that Thiagarajan held an OCI card.

TN minister used cow’s urine print to counter claims he was a US citizen

He quoted the tweet using the ‘cow urine’ jibe and said: ‘The filtered idiots went mad drinking too much cow urine – alleging that I’m on the OCI cardholder (who can’t not even vote). ” The anonymous account has since been suspended.

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