How the Kyrie Irving news affects the Houston Rockets

How the Nets perform in 2022 is of great significance to the Houston Rockets. What Brooklyn is able to do with its stars will have a huge impact on how its year goes.

The Houston Rockets will be watching the Brooklyn Nets very closely in 2022 and beyond.

You never want to pay too much attention to another team if it distracts you from your own strengths and weaknesses, but the future in Houston is tied to that of Brooklyn.

Because of the James Harden trade, the future will improve for the Rockets as the Nets get worse, and the good news in that regard is that things aren’t improving in Brooklyn.

Kevin Durant is still likely to leave sooner rather than later. This showed no signs of changing despite the fact that it takes time to get things done.

Durant will always be the most important part of this going forward, but he’s not the only star in New York.

Kyrie Irving is still a member of the Nets, and it looks like he’s not going anywhere.

Contrary to what it may seem for the Rockets, this is actually good news. Kyrie is still a great player, but there are huge question marks in what he brings to a team right now.

First of all, you can already count on Irving to miss some games for some weird reason or another. Second, is that really the kind of guy you want to associate with someone like Ben Simmons?

Simmons is already struggling with his head. Irving isn’t going to help with that.

Kevin Durant is always going to bring something back to the Nets, but if he wasn’t good enough to make Brooklyn competitive in the playoffs or the regular season, Irving, Simmons and some other hunk won’t be able to do it either.

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