Hospital board with spelling mistake goes viral, netizens share similar hilarious blunders


If there was a spelling contest for medical jargon words, many might end up racking their brains. Something similar happened when a British doctor shared a photo of the hospital’s board on Twitter and asked netizens to find the misspellings.

Last week, Andy Webster shared a photo of a sign from inside the hospital that marked directions for the various departments in the hospital. While sharing the photo, And Webster also wrote a caption where he wrote: “Look for the spelling error.”

The board of directors listed the directions to several departments and buildings of the hospital and one of the departments that stood out was the “National Center for Patients of Psychological Medicine”. It was this section that caught the attention of Internet users and Andy in the first place. More than the incorrect spelling, it was the use of an incorrect word in the title. The proper term to use in the title was “inpatient” instead of “impatient”.

Still, internet users were on a roll when they discovered the tweet on their feeds and shared their reaction, including Andy. The doctor wrote in the following tweet: “So the important question is whether Twitter found the person who produced the sign? I can’t wait to find out.

Playing with perfectly misused words on the hospital board, another user wrote: “Hope the Impatient Center doesn’t have a long waiting list.”

Another healthcare professional shared his experience and wrote: “Working in a healthcare facility, I have, for a very long time, called patients ‘patients’”

The spelling error even inspired other people to share their own experiences when they spotted a wrong word used. One of the users wrote in the comments: “For years at Western General in Edinburgh the elevator was called Respiratoty offices. I have a photo somewhere.

Another user shared a photo of a no parking sign that read: “Illegally parked cars will be fine.” Reacting to this image, one user remarked, “Even if that sign said ‘fine’ it still wouldn’t make sense. I have never heard of a car with a fine.

Have you ever come across a similar public billboard?

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