Hilarious Buffalo cup stackers go viral at Blue Jays game


“What do we want? CUPS! When do we want them? NOW!”

Those chants echoed from Sahlen Field’s third baseman in Buffalo during Friday night’s Blue Jays game; an otherwise forgettable contest that saw the home team beaten by the Houston Astros 13-1.

The most memorable part of the game had nothing to do with what happened inside the chalk lines. It was a group of fans who made it their sole mission to create their own entertainment when the entertainment on the pitch waned.

While the Blue Jays were busy blowing themselves up, a cut squad was born.

Down 12 points and with the game nearing its end, Sportsnet TV cameras captured a group of fans down the third baseline building a Cup Snake for the Ages.

The crew started picking up cups in the sixth round, but they slowly picked up cups in neighboring sections. It was a truly welcoming atmosphere in Buffalo, as dozens of fans donated their ships to the growing structure along the third base line.

The “cup captain” preferred to remain anonymous, but was delighted to be at the epicenter of the action. What started out as a modest collection of mugs between himself and two friends caught the attention of sections all around Sahlen Field.

“It’s a bit of Buffalo culture, everyone is a part of it,” he said. “I think that’s what was really cool about it. It had been a long time since people had been able to go out and have fun in groups.

As an avid baseball watcher and die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, he knows only too well the camaraderie he has experienced among locked-in fans over the past 15 months.

Despite this being the second summer in a row the Blue Jays have played at home at their affiliate triple A stadium in Buffalo, last week was the first time since September 2019 that baseball fans were allowed into. Buffalo Stadium.

In fact, it was the first time in over 100 years that a Major League Baseball game had been played in the city of Buffalo, New York. Despite attempts over the years to recruit an MLB team in Buffalo, the last MLB game played in the city was in 1915.

As the birthplace of the Bills Mafia, Buffalo has a league-wide reputation for its hatchback culture. Diehard Bills fans can testify to the fervent fandom, and they bring that energy to Sahlen Field as the city adopted the Blue Jays as their home team for the summer.

With the game getting out of hand, watching the Snake Cup campaign seemed a lot more interesting than anything happening on the pitch between the Blue Jays and the Astros.

It’s not just the fact that they built the serpent’s cup for good, it’s the way they went about it. The picket-style chants caught the interest of everyone around the stadium. The participatory call and response chants caught the ears of everyone around the stadium.

“Give me a C!” VS! Give me a U! You! Give me a P! P! Give me an S! S! What is this spell? CUPS! “

Thanks to Toronto for playing Buffalo. We have a great time no matter what! by Torontobluejays

At the end of the match, the Sahlen Field ushers came downstairs and politely asked the group to stop collecting the cups. The ringleader didn’t want to see all of their hard work go to waste, so like a proud daddy, he took the pile to the lobby to take inventory of his treasures.

But as he gathered his collection of cups, most of his section stood up and cheered, and it was perhaps the biggest pop of the entire game at Sahlen Field that night. Fans chanted, “CUPS CUPS CUPS” as he stepped out of the lower bowl.

The stack of cups measured 291 cups. Compared to other snake cuts that you might see in other MLB, CFL, or even cricket games, this is a pretty small stack. But the size of the stack didn’t matter; instead, the spirit of camaraderie was very present that night at Sahlen Field.

“I lived outside of Buffalo for five years and it’s the lasting impression I try to leave on people is the common goal of Buffalo fans,” he said. “It’s no surprise to me that this happened in Buffalo. It is the least surprising thing for me that the whole community agrees to have a good time and have fun.

Another gentleman who had a ticket to this Blue Jays-Astros match was Jerry Wszalek. A native of Buffalo, he and his son were there with tickets as a Father’s Day gift.

He was a little disheartened that the product on the pitch wasn’t that competitive that night, but a few sections down Wszalek heard the cheers from some loud fans chanting, “CUPS CUPS CUPS.”

At the request of his nearby siege mates, he walked through a few sections and proudly made his contribution to the stack of cups. As the video shows, everyone around him celebrated as the Blue Jays had just won the World Series.

Wszalek strutted to his seat and congratulated a few fans along the way, in the clip which has since gone viral. He received the hero’s welcome, even though he was only doing his civic duty as a fan and playing the game.

“I was surprised that people reacted to me the way they reacted. Especially on the way home, everyone wanted to hit me on five, ”Wszalek said. “All I did was give them a cup.

Video of the stacking mugs spread across social media and reactions to the clips have been overwhelmingly positive. From “nature heals” to “just guys who are dudes” to “welcome to Buffalo” to “sport brings people together,” the Cup Squad has approached meme status.

If the game was a bit more competitive, fans might have taken issue with fans distracting the action on the pitch, but for the most part the crew gave the Buffalonians something to cheer on on Friday night.

“From my observation, no firm, no fault,” Wszalek said. “It was good, clean and fun. The fans embraced him and everyone supported him. To me you couldn’t have dreamed of a better behaved group of people clapping and having fun.

“If anything, my participation was to show that we can do it and that we can celebrate. We have a baseball game going on with our favorite Major League team, and we can still participate as the Buffalonians: the home of good neighbors.

Another member of Sahlen Field’s unofficial cup team was Anthony Arbatosky. He saw the Blue Jays win last Wednesday in the pouring rain against the Miami Marlins. Two days later, he was back at the ballpark to witness a much different contest.

“The stacking of the cups really started to kick in after the Astros started to come out of it,” Arbatosky said. “I got personally involved after the seventh round. I had no idea who the guys were but we were losing and I saw something happen so I decided to join in after hearing a lot of applause for the first time all night.

Over the next three rounds, he joined in the fun and helped recruit cup holders from across the stadium, including the stadium’s top deck. Last Wednesday was the first large-scale sporting event Arbatosky has attended since the start of the pandemic.

Like most Buffalonians, he realizes that having the Blue Jays in his own backyard is a unique summer adventure. True to Buffalo’s form, fans enjoy every game like it’s their last.

“With the capacity increasing to 80% in the next few games, I think it’s safe to say that the high energy levels and the rowdy crowd will continue,” Arbatosky said.

“We know having the Jays in town or a Major League team in general is probably never going to happen again, so we’re all making the most of it and making the most of the time we have.”

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