Hello, I’m Ruby, the new writer from Kotaku Australia

I know I have already written a few articles on Kotaku Australia but I thought it was better late than never to introduce myself to all of you then…

Hello monsters, geeks, losers, weirdos and gooey little pixies. I’m Ruby Innes and I’m a disgusting amalgamation of all of these things, as well as the new signing of the Kotaku Australia team. I don’t know what a video game is, but I can’t wait to find out one day. I was never born, I just started to exist at some point and everyone accepted that it was true, so I expect the same from you.

I was previously a producer and later host of various Daily / Drive shows on 2SER community radio station in Sydney, where I pick up a bunch of trash, interview people far more interesting than me and play new music than you. normally would not have heard on other radio stations. I have often used these shows to cover game content including game reviews like Spiritist and A short hike, and chats with former Kotaku Australia editor Alex Walker about Australian gaming news.

I’ve been playing video games my whole life, starting with Reader Rabbit 1st Grade in 1999 for the Windows 95 PC that we kept in our “computer room”. I installed it myself because I was a weird little kid who learned to read very early on from my dad, who taught me to read with his strong Scottish accent. It meant my preschool teachers loved making me read in class because suddenly Little Baby Braveheart was in the building. I stayed in my Windows 95 era for a bit, meeting my close personal friends Freddy Fish, Sam pajamas, and Putt putt and do the tricks to get the big baby with a gun Age of Empires.

Who posts a baby with a gun? Image: Age of Empires / Microsoft

When it comes to games in my youth, I have always played multiplayer games with my friends and family, like Halo at the old Xbox Lounge on Parramatta Road, or Mario kart 64 with my brother and my father. I was generally drawn to Nintendo games, with my first console I actively got my own games on to be the Nintendo Gamecube which I still personally think has some of the best IP inputs of any console – for example Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door, Pikmin, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, etc.

When I grew up a bit and started exploring other consoles, I discovered an interest in games with unique or interesting game mechanics like the Katamari series and Bio-shock series, as well as darker games like Alice Madness Returns and Fragile dreams. At that time I was also having fun playing various online games, from Habbo Hotel To Runescape To Maple story To World of Warcraft. I was absolutely the kind of person who started a lot of different games at the same time and desperately tried to share my time with them like I was an idiot. Bachelorette.

In my adulthood of play, I have kind of developed a mishmash of everything I have played as a child when it comes to my taste. A lot of the games I play are very story driven with unique gameplay mechanics, clever writing, good soundtracks, and great looking graphics. I always have a hard time when people ask me what my favorite games are because they change regularly, but at the moment my list is probably this:

  • Subtitle
  • sub-hero
  • nor no kuni 2
  • Alice Madness Returns
  • Tied to the earth
  • Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
  • Gate 2
  • The wild heart

But that’s for now and it’s always subject to change as I’m incredibly undecided and I’m always on the lookout for new games to play!

I also love watching long YouTube comments on video games, music, random niches in internet history, and trashy YouTube dramas about the worst people you’ve ever heard of. Some of my favorite designers include Kappa Kaiju, The Cozy Representative, penguinz0, Ro Ramdin, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Hailey Elizabeth, and Izzzyzzz.

I am very passionate about the indie game market and focus on the creators of the Australian video game industry as I believe our indie creators are at the forefront of bringing Australia back to the forefront of the stage, for example Hollow Knight, untitled goose game, unboxing. I can’t wait to get more attention from our local game designers and developers and I’m super excited to be talking a lot of shit!

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