Have you spotted a bird in this photo? Many couldn’t make it ‘Do You’

Netizens were left baffled by a snapshot of a bird sitting on a tree with its eyes closed. Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer who frequently posts unusual wildlife images on Twitter, uploaded a photo of a “meditating owl”.

Nanda captioned the tweet, “Meditating Owl with eyes closed has perfect camouflage that can never be seen…”

Massimo, a Twitter user, was the first to post the image.

Due to the color of the bird, which resembles tree bark, many people had trouble spotting the owl in the center of the photo. One user commented, “This one is good for the ‘spot the bird in the picture’ contest. Took a while to realize it was right in the middle!!”

Camouflage, also known as cryptic coloration, is a defensive tactic used by animals to hide from predators or catch prey, according to National Geographic. Background matching is a common form of camouflage that allows animals to blend into their surroundings by mimicking their color, shape, or movement.

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