Handyman Belle has found another friendly Badnik Eggman

Sonic the Hedgehog # 47 reveals that one of Eggman’s most unique creations has now found a friend among his other creations that looks like him.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog # 47, on sale now from IDW Publishing.

Ever since it was revealed that she was one of Eggman’s most unique creations, Handyman Belle has had to contend with her “father’s” complicated legacy. Although he created it when he forgot his bad manners and became the gentle inventor known as Mr. Tinker, Belle was horrified to learn what Eggman really was when she got him. recently found. Even though Sonic and his allies have been there for her and befriended the badnik, she still can’t help but feel lonely.

Fortunately, everything changed in Sonic the hedgehog # 47 (by Evan Stanley, Matt Froese, Matt Herms and Shawn Lee). Even before the fire that ravaged the forest in the last few issues, Belle was surprised by one of Eggman’s Motobug Badniks. This mechanical threat first appeared in the original game’s first level, Green Hill Zone. While there are a lot of these robots in Eggman’s army, this one is very different.

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Just like Belle, this little Badnik doesn’t hurt anyone. Rather, it’s actually friendly and helped Belle escape the fire and find her friends. Belle is seen a lot in this faulty Motobug. Even though he wasn’t designed to be good from the start like she was, he’s on the same path as she is now.

Belle takes the robot to Tails, who is surprised to find that such a simple and common Badnik is on their side. It’s nothing new to see some of Eggman’s creations turn their backs on his bad manners but, as Tails notes, these robots were far more advanced than just a Motobug.

The first example of one of the evil scientist’s creations backfiring on him came in the 1998 Sega Dreamcast game. Sound adventure. One of the playable characters in this game was the advanced robot E-102 Gamma. The robot initially followed Eggman’s orders to the letter, but then began to question them and developed a sense of his own morality. The advanced robot did not survive this game, but another similar robot, E-123 Omega, also turned on its creator in the 2003s. Sound heroes. Since then, Omega has been a friend of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, as well as the rest of Sonic’s friends, and has been actively involved in foiling many of its creator’s plans.

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Seeing this sort of thing happen to less advanced robots inspired hope in the heroes. Tails and Belle will attempt to find out where this strange little Motobug went wrong in its evil programming, in the hopes of replicating it with other Badniks in Eggman’s vast mechanical armies.

Her final encounter with Eggman didn’t go well for Belle. Learning that he really is as evil as everyone says was a difficult task to deal with, but it seems like she found the perfect way out of it. Making it her mission to transform all of Eggman’s evil creations into something nicer and friendlier as she is the perfect way to change her creator’s legacy from the evil that he is now into something nicer. In addition, along the way, she will have made more friends and finally feel a little less alone.

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