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Editor’s Pick I-Connect007: Five Must-Read This Week

“Life is not a popularity contest,” they said. “Do something right, be good at it, and in due time people will recognize you for it. They weren’t wrong. Ultimately, it seems to work that way in life. I’m thinking about it because I have a high school reunion to attend tomorrow. My graduating class numbered 675 people, a large class by most American high school standards.

With so many students, it was easy to hide in the crowd, if that was what you wanted to do. But as is the case in any human society, some of us choose to stand out, choose to stand out in some way or another. Usually that effort to be recognized – to become famous within the class – involved accomplishing something: athletics, study, theater or music, let’s say. Other times, notoriety was more about becoming… infamous. In this respect, to be recognized is indeed a popularity contest.

It was bouncing back in my thoughts as I gathered this week’s Editor’s Picks. Some weeks the readership is pretty consistent, which means I make my choices based on “excellence” or “accomplishment” of sorts. Other weeks you, the reader, “go viral” on a few key news items, making the selection process digitally driven. It was one of those weeks.

Here are the five most read news. While readership seemed to be on the rise across the board last week, these five stories were our #trending articles. Of course, our esteemed technical writers Pete Starkey and Dan Feinberg are leading the way. These gentlemen are examples of my opening statement, as they both enjoy enormous popularity with readers precisely because they are so good at reporting the industry.

Wish me good luck at my reunion; I hope I can recognize some classmates. Andy Shaughnessy will compile next week’s list. I’ll see you again at the end of the month.

Review: Emerging Opportunities for Additive Electronics
Posted on September 15

Mr. Starkey brings his unmatched talent for writing technical conference travel reports to the latest edition of the Additive Electronics TechXchange 2021 from ATTM. For my part, I found Starkey’s summary of the speech, as presented by Matthew Dyson, to be very informative and enjoyable to read.

Fein-Lines: PCEA Presentation — Latest PCB Manufacturing Processes
Posted on September 14

Dan Feinberg’s Fein-Lines column returns. Feinberg chooses to cover the former IPC Designer’s Council (now affiliated with IPC) and reconstituted as the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA). The organization cooperates with IPC and other industry organizations and publications, including I-Connect007. In this column, Feinberg reports on a recent chapter meeting hosted by Scott McCurdy. Speakers included John Bushie and Anaya Vardya of American Standard Circuits and Haris Basit of Averatek.

New iNEMI Project on AI Improvement of AOI for PCBA
Posted on September 10

According to the press release, “iNEMI is launching a new project on the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to automated optical inspection (AOI) of printed circuit board assemblies. The survey… will study the current use of AI for AOI, develop and establish common performance measures to assess the added value of AI to AOI capabilities, and provide recommendations to industry on opportunities for future improvement and implementation. If reader clicks were any indication, this topic is generating great interest.

BOM connector: a ready-to-use solution
Posted on September 10

Kevin Decker-Weiss of CircuitByte and Mark Laing of Siemens discuss with the I-Connect007 team a new approach to managing BOM complexity. Current market conditions and semiconductor shortages mean that if it wasn’t a problem for you before, it most likely is a problem now. Your readership numbers would agree.

Libra Industries’ Dayton facility passes 3 audits for aero / defense, manufacturing and medical certifications
Posted on September 14

To paraphrase the press release lightly, “Libra Industries’ Dayton facility has successfully passed surveillance audits for AS9100D (aerospace-defense), ISO 9001: 2015 (manufacturing) and ISO 13485: 2016 (medical) certifications . These audits have successfully established certification in these international standards… providing Libra customers in these areas with proof that Dayton is capable of meeting their expectations for quality products and services.

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