Fall Guys x Sonic The Hedgehog Event Crossover Leaks: Date, Time, and Everything We Know

Another fun Fall Guys crossover event is supposed to be coming and Sonic The Hedgehog seems to be speeding through the game again.

Making Fall Guys free turned out to be a masterstroke from developers Mediatonic who reacted very positively to the influx of new players by offering exciting new content to enjoy.

Back in 2020, when Fall Guys was the big craze, Sonic The Hedgehog decided he had to go fast and jumped into Fall Guys as a cool costume.

Fast forward to 2022 and not only is Sonic The Hedgehog apparently returning to Fall Guys, according to leaks, but the franchise will feature more costumes and challenges, plus a Sonic level or two.

Fall Guys x Sonic The Hedgehog Event Date and Time

Mediatonic has yet to officially confirm the event, so we can’t give you a specific date as to when you can expect the leaked Fall Guys and Sonic event to drop in the game. Game.

However, the main leak, which comes from Twitter user FGPancake, states that the Sonic event will either be released between August 11 and August 15or the whole event will take place between these two dates – this is still to be confirmed.

Fall Guys x Sonic The Hedgehog Event Level Leaks

The Sonic crossover is set to go ahead, with no evidence bigger than a supposed Sonic stage to be hoped for as well.

Eagle-eyed Fall Guys players have noticed for months that a scene resembling the famous Green Hill Zone colors from Sonic The Hedgehog 1 can be seen on loading screens between games.

Well, the new “Gotta Go Fast!” is expected to be Sonic-themed and will introduce an all-new series incorporating the series.

Fall Guys x Sonic The Hedgehog Leaked Event Costume

We already have Sonic in the game as we said, but a whole bunch of new costumes seem to be on the way in the form of Super Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman/Dr. Robotnik.

Obviously, all of this information should be treated as pure speculation for now, but the source of the leak is reliable when it comes to Fall Guys and it has to be said that the Tweets and art look pretty convincing.

We’ll update this article once everything is made official by the Fall Guys devs.

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