Engagement alert: key to Columbia’s family atmosphere for ’22 Kenny Noland


Anytime Phenom Hoop Report brings back or sees a player engagement that we’ve seen over the years, it’s always a fantastic day. It’s great to see players reach their goal of playing to the next level and it’s a great accomplishment for this player.

Here is the last engagement.

Player: Kenny Noland
Class: 2022
Committed to: Colombia

What he said:

Phenom: What made Columbia the place for you in the end?
Noland: I fell in love with the coaching staff and the team while I was in New York. All the coaches and players have shown me a real family atmosphere, which is extremely important to me. Coach Ingles and Coach Carberry also believe in me a lot and have recruited me for a long time and we have built a great relationship. I can’t wait to be a piece in Colombia by winning an Ivy League championship.

Phenom: How did you inform the staff and what did they have to say when you told them?
Noland: When I knew I wanted to get involved, I called Coach Ingles and gave him the news. He looked really excited, which made me feel good. And we talked at length about the future of the program. I am really excited!

Phenom: What do they think you can bring to the field with your game?
Noland: Just a keeper who can make plays, score the ball and make plays for others.

Phenom: How did this process go for you regarding your recruitment?
Noland: It feels good to see it all pay off. I remember a time when I had no offers and how much I wanted to play at the next level. Knowing now that I will be playing D1 basketball at Columbia is good, like all the hard work pays off.

Phenom: What are you going to focus on now with your commitment behind you?
Noland: My main goal right now is to improve myself every day and win a NEPSAC championship with Hotchkiss.

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What was said by Phenom Hoops:

“Noland is an exceptional shooter. He has terrific footwork and places his feet and shoulders to the basket when receiving the pass. As the old saying goes, Noland does his job early in the preparation for the shot. Although he is best in the “catch and shoot” situation, Noland has the ability to dribble and hit the midrange or drop the pass to open up his teammates. Although he’s having a strong junior season, we expect great things from Noland this coming season. He will provide valuable leadership and will be expected to carry the scoring load for Apex Friendship. “- Rick Lewis in 2020

Kenny Noland just finished an outstanding senior season at Apex Friendship where he averaged 23.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 2.5 steals per game while shooting 47% behind the arch. Recently, he announced that he would go to Hotchkiss School for a preparatory year. Noland is a top student athlete who is a tremendous leader on and off the pitch. He has a high basketball IQ and does everything well on the court. He can handle it, pass it and shoot it. He’s a good decision maker and takes care of the basketball, as shown by his 2: 1 assists-to-turnover ratio. Noland has the ability to play either guard position. He is very selfless and can make games for others, but has also shown his ability to take over games and fulfill them from a scores standpoint. Considering all the good things Noland does on the offensive end of the ball, his defense is what is most impressive. He’s really fast, has a solid frame and does a great job of staying ahead of his opponents. He does not play. He slips his feet and keeps his chest in front. – Colby Lewis

“He does an incredible job leading this team. He always has a calm and uncontrollable demeanor. Whether they win or lose, his way doesn’t change. He shot the ball well from the perimeter, knocking down four three-pointers from the field. He arrived at the basket and at the foul line. What has been most impressive about this game is the good defender of the ball that he is. He had four interceptions on the night, and he’s not someone playing. He’s playing a very basic defense. He does a great job keeping his chest in front of opposing players. In doing so, he is able to force his opponents to help him, offer interceptions and create easy scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

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