Elon Musk Says Steam May Be Coming to Teslas Soon

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk recently mentioned on Twitter that Steam could be coming to Teslas soon. According to the exec, the company is “currently making progress with Steam integration.” Musk went on to say that some sort of protest can be expected as early as “next month.”

The remark was made in response to a review of Tesla’s line of cars as a gaming platform. “I bet you didn’t know my Tesla is also a gaming console,” the user assignment to the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account pointed out. “Tesla originally added games like 2048 and Beach Buggy Racing so you could pass your time while supercharging, but now they’ve added so many new games, even some that require a controller.” The user went on to explain that “video games in a Tesla are definitely not the number one selling point, but actually sets them apart from the competition. Tesla is adding a bunch of new games that are made possible by the AMD Ryzen .


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Tesla currently offers a variety of different games, including Cuphead and Sonic the Hedgehog through Tesla Arcade, but upgrading their vehicle hardware could allow for so much more. Part of the plan seems to be Steam integration. Musk, for example, described in February how the company was “working on the general case of getting Steam games to run on a Tesla as opposed to specific titles.”

Musk has previously suggested that Tesla owners can expect a high level of gaming performance from their cars. “There’s never been a car with cutting-edge computing technology, cutting-edge infotainment where it’s literally at the level of a PlayStation 5,” Musk pointed out during a demo of the latest models. last month. “This is real PlayStation 5 level performance.” The executive added that “yes, it can run Cyberpunk 2077. It’s high frame rate. It will do 60fps with state-of-the-art games.

Tesla has recently drawn a lot of criticism for its gaming policy. The company first allowed people to play games only when parked, but later allowed drivers to enter Tesla Arcade after passing security. Tesla eventually reverted to its old policy following a failed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration review.

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