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Before we get to the Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings, it’s time to start with another ranking list as it has become a staple of this column. I asked for your suggestions last week, and you gave a lot of excellent ones. So what better way to kick off the 2021 season ranks than with a GIF from last week (Bubble Boy: Moops)? Plus, Seinfeld is coming to Netflix in October for five years!

Before we get to Elijah Mitchell, Tim Patrick, Christian Kirk and other ranks of players, let’s celebrate one of the best comedies of all time … and don’t hesitate to tell me how stupid my ranks are – or , what is your favorite episode (Season 5 had so many good ones! Seasons 4-6 was probably the sweet spot / peak).

Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

The Competition (S4 EP11)

Nazi soup (7.06)

The opposite (5.21)

The Hamptons (5.20)

The marine biologist (5.14)

The Bizarro Jerry (8.03)

The Merv Griffin Show (9.06)

The puffy shirt (5.02)

Rye (7.11)

Roast Chicken (8.08)

More (in episode order): The Chinese Restaurant (2.11), The Pen (3.03), The Bubble Boy (4.07), The Outing (4.17), The Dinner Party (5.13), The Race (6.10), The Jimmy (6.18), The Fusilli Jerry (6.21), The Pool Guy (7.08), The Abstinence (8.09), The Yada Yada (8.19), The Summer of George (8.22), The Betrayal (9.08), The Strike, alias Festivus (9.10)

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