Each MLB Team’s Home Run Derby Options

Whenever I see a particularly mammoth home run in a Major League game, I always think, “Man, that would be awesome to see this guy in a Home Run Derby.” The Derby has only eight competitors. But sometimes you find yourself wanting to see everyone in it.

Can you imagine if the Derby was like the All-Star Game, in that we had to have a representative from each team? Of course, that would probably make it last too long. But it’s a nice thought. So, let’s look at each team’s ideal Home Run Derby participant.

(Note: All home run totals are as of the start of Wednesday’s slate.)

Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Total HR 2022: 15
He may not be tearing up the league this year like we thought he would going into the season – or like he did last year – but he can still kick the ball around like few others in the sport. He never won one… but his father did.

Orioles: Trey Mancini
Total HR 2022: 6
Mancini has never been to an All-Star Game, but he has competed in the Home Run Derby before – he finished second to Pete Alonso in 2021. In what could be one of his last stretches in an Orioles jersey , maybe we’ll give him another one. shot.

Spokes: Randy Arozarena
Total HR 2022: 7
The Rays don’t have any double-digit home hitters yet this year, but it would be fun to see Arozarena, an incredible physical talent, attempt to recreate his October 2020 performance for one night.

Red Sox: Rafael Devers
Total HR 2022: 15
Did you know that no Red Sox player has played in the Derby since David Ortiz? Devers hit the longest home run for the Red Sox this year, and Trevor Story had his turn last year (while still with the Rockies).

Yankees: Aaron Judge
Total HR 2022: 24
The second easiest call on this board. He won in 2017 and it won’t feel good if he’s not there. Also: Sorry, Giancarlo Stanton, you’re good too!

Goalkeepers: José Ramirez
Total HR 2022: 16
He’s always turned down the opportunity to be a part of it in the past, but it would be a great way to boost that Q rating.

Royals: Bobby Witt Jr.
Total HR 2022: 8
The guy is a five tool player, and this would be a great showcase for one of the best young talents in the game.

Tigers: Miguel Cabrera
Total HR 2022: 3
Wouldn’t it be great to see him there throwing some? He might also be the Tigers’ best hitter right now.

Twins: Byron Buxton
Total HR 2022: 18
There is still an injury issue, but if he is healthy a Derby appearance could be a way to show something else he can do.

White Sox: Luis Robert
Total HR 2022: 6
They say you hit home runs in the Derby with your legs, but if anyone could hit 30 with their arms, it could be Robert.

Angels: Shohei Ohtani
Total HR 2022: 13
Feels weird not picking Mike Trout here, but Ohtani didn’t enough to live up to the hype of last year’s Derby. It could be a chance to make a good showing.

Astronauts: Yordan Alvarez
Total HR 2022: 17
Alex Bregman has been one of them in the past, but Alvarez could show off his prodigious power to a global audience.

Athletics: Sean Murphy
Total HR 2022: 7
He had a blast of 452 feet earlier this year, and it’s not that easy to find candidates among the A’s, I admit.

Sailors: Julio RodrIguez
Total HR 2022: 8
Speed ​​came first this year, but now power is coming too. It would be fantastic to see the current MLB stolen base leader win the Home Run Derby.

Rangers: Corey Seager
Total HR 2022: 12
Adolis García and Kole Calhoun could also be options. Joey Gallo participated last year before his trade to the Yankees, which seems a long, long time ago.

Braves: Ronald Acuna Jr.
Total HR 2022: 6
Matt Olson was in last year, but we haven’t seen Acuña since 2019.

Marlins: Jazz Chisholm, Jr.
Total HR 2022: 13
Like Rodríguez, it would be great to see a speedster throw balls deep into the night of Dodger Stadium.

Food: Pete Alonso
Total HR 2022: 18
Can he defend his title and become the second player to win three Home Run Derbies? (The other is Ken Griffey Jr.)

Nationals: Juan Soto
Total HR 2022: 13
One of these years, he’s going to win one. Last year, he even said it improved his swing!

Phillies: Bryce Harper
Total HR 2022: 15
Harper hasn’t been on it since winning in 2018, but of all the potential guys on this team to choose from, he’s still the one that would excite the crowd the most.

Brewers: Rowdy Tellez
Total HR 2022: 10
There probably should have been someone named “Rowdy” in the Home Run Derby years ago.

Cardinals: Tyler O’Neill
Total HR 2022: 3
He might not have the most home runs on this team, but have you seen this guy? He could chop down a palm tree with only his arms.

Cubs: Patrick Wisdom
Total HR 2022: 12
The longtime Minor League veteran would be an instant sentimental favorite at the Derby.

Pirates: Daniel Vogelbach
Total HR 2022: 7
There wouldn’t be a fan in the stands who wouldn’t cheer on Vogelbach. It just looks like the Home Run Derby.

Reds: Joey Votto
Total HR 2022: 5
If you picked up Votto, you’d have viral moment after viral moment, all night long.

Diamondbacks: Christian Walker
Total HR 2022: 16
One of the most underrated home run hitters in the game, he’s the only guy currently ranking in the top 10 at Majors that no one knows anything about.

Dodgers: Mookie Betts
Total HR 2022: 17
Wouldn’t that be fun to see? It would be like when Michael Jordan was part of the three-point contest.

Giants: Joc Pederson
Total HR 2022: 13
Did you know that Pederson has the second most Home Run Derby homers of all time? (Behind Alonso, of course.)

Chaplains: Manny Machado
Total HR 2022: 10
Machado was last part of this contest in 2015, when he seemed like a completely different type of player. It’s even better now.

Rockies: CJ Cron
Total HR 2022: 14
The ball won’t fly as well as it did in Coors, but that might not matter to Cron.

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