Deep Rock Galactic Player Transforms Their Character Into Sonic’s Dr. Eggman

A Deep Rock Galactic player shares an image of the character he created to look like Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Galactic Deep Rock is a video game that is exactly what it says, a game about fantasy dwarfs in space harvesting resources while battling waves of ferocious alien creatures. The game was developed by Danish game studio Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing.

Galactic Deep Rock was released in 2020 for PC and Xbox One, then later in 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 last January. The game has had a supportive player community ever since it was in early access. Since then, players have been customizing their in-game characters in different designs that make them look like characters from other games and franchises, like Raiden from mortal combat.


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Recently, a Galactic Deep Rock fan on Reddit called icewiind shared an image of his player character from the game. They made the character design look a lot like Dr. Eggman, the main villain of the sonic the hedgehog franchise. The player character shares several key characteristics of the villainous doctor, primarily his mustache, red bodysuit, and glasses.

User icewiind also added that this isn’t the only player character they’ve created in Galactic Deep Rock who resembles a prominent fictional character. According to the post, they also created another character whose design is similar to the Whitebeard character from the popular manga series. A piece. Whitebeard is a powerful pirate lord and a formidable character in the series, but Icewiind did not share any image of this character in the post.

General reaction to icewiind’s Eggman character design has been largely positive, with commenters liking the resemblance to the Sonic scoundrel. On top of that, many reviewers mention that they also customized their characters to look like Dr. Eggman in some way in Galactic Deep Rock. Some even offered advice on how icewiind could make their player character look more like Dr. Eggman than the design already does.

One commenter suggested that icewiind could have his character wear night goggles in-game, saying they would be closer to what Dr. Eggman usually wears. Meanwhile, a few other commenters have discussed the weapon types of Galactic Deep Rock would go with the character design and match Dr. Eggman. One considered that the lasers would suit the character, while another thought the choice of weapon would vary between different eras of Dr. Eggman’s designs. They said the classic Dr. Eggman could wield a breachcutter, and the character’s later eras would likely wield some of the most destructive weapons in gaming.

Galactic Deep Rock is available now on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One.

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