Deathloop: each slab upgrade (and how to get them)


Deathloop has 5 slabs which can be collected from Visionaries and upgraded. Players need to be able to infuse slabs in order to improve them.

Death loop is a first person shooter adventure game where players can explore Blackreef Island to uncover its mysteries and defeat powerful enemies. Players can expect to solve intricate mysteries, such as the Updaam Cave Safe, as they battle to break the time loop. Colt, in his mission to come full circle, must use every weapon and special ability available to defeat his enemies.

Throughout the game, players will follow leads and hunt down visionaries. After murdering them, Colt can recover their various slabs and weapons, like Harriet’s four-pounder pistol. In addition to the slab that Colt starts with, there are 5 other slabs to collect from Visionaries and upgrade. There are a few visionaries who won’t drop slabs, but the majority of them will give Colt a new or improved ability to use.

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Slabs can be picked up from Egor Serling (Aether), Fia Zborowska (Havoc), Harriet Morse (Nexus), Charlie Montague (Shift) and Aleksis Dorsey (Karnesis) in Death loop. The two playable characters, Colt and Julianna, also have their own unique tiles, but they cannot be used by each other and will not fall when killed. The other 2 visionaries, Frank Spicer and Dr Wenjie Evans, will not let go of Slabs. In order to upgrade the slabs, players will need to unlock the ability to keep items when the loop is reset, then find the visionary with the slab they wish to upgrade and kill them again.

Every slab upgrade in Deathloop

Deathloop - Nexus Power

Each of the 5 tiles available can be upgraded 4 times. Leveling the slabs means using the residue to infuse the slab so it doesn’t go away when the loop is reset. To unlock the infusion, players must complete the Ubiquity Visionary track and kill Dr. Wenjie. Once a Slab is infused, players can once again kill the Visionary who owned the Slab and get the next upgrade for it. Alternatively, if Julianna is killed, she will drop a random upgrade.

Gap: Teleportation

  • To reach – Gives the possibility to travel further
  • Airborne – Briefly stop falling
  • Kick – While moving, kicks will produce a sonic boom dealing more damage
  • Exchanger – Change position with a targeted enemy

Ether: Invisibility

  • Ghost – Ether will not consume energy while standing still
  • Wipe off – No trace will be left when you kill an enemy with active ether
  • Sway – Attacking will not stop Aether (after combat, players will become invisible again)
  • Phase – Damage taken is reduced and no longer deactivates Aether

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Karnesis: Telekinesis

  • Flesh bomb – Thrown enemies will trigger a damage explosion when they land
  • Zoned – Hit all enemies within range
  • slam – Throw enemies already affected by Karnesis to the ground
  • Suspension – Enemies affected by Karnesis will be suspended in midair

Ravaged: Super strength

  • Withdrawal – Power will be recovered by damaging enemies with Havoc
  • Euphoria – The damage inflicted will increase at the same time as the damage received
  • Backlash – Unleash a powerful explosion when Havoc expires
  • Rampart – Hits no longer drain power, but Havoc will deplete power faster and slow player movement

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  • Extension – Reduces the rate of energy consumption
  • Attraction – Nexus projectiles move towards targets and make them unstable
  • Parasite – Recover health when you deal damage to an enemy affected by Nexus
  • Affecting – Enemies affected by Nexus will randomly create additional chains

Leveling slabs can be very helpful in progressing through Death loop and giving Colt an advantage over his enemies. Players will need to collect residue to infuse slabs and retain them when the loop resets. Each of the slabs has unique and powerful upgrades that can make it much easier to fight against Eternalists, eliminate Visionaries, and reach the end of Death loop.

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Death loop is now available for PS5 and PC.

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