Cuomo could use executive orders to stop checks on non-urgent items | News, Sports, Jobs

Jamestown Town Hall looks beautiful at night with decorative lighting upwards.

No matter how pretty the building is, however, one cannot argue that the construction schedule is far from a work of art.

At a time when unemployment in Chautauqua County is in double digits and thousands of people still struggle to pay for utilities and other necessities, putting lights on town hall looks like an extravaganza even. if the city has not paid for the work itself. The money comes from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative money awarded to the city in 2017.

The decorative lighting project underway at the moment is indicative of a larger issue that has nothing to do with city officials and their project, but has everything to do with Governor Andrew Cuomo talking about the two. sides of his mouth.

As the governor calls for help from the federal government to balance the state budget and withhold 20% of state aid for schools and service agencies, he then tells communities to go ahead and spending state money on non-essential items. If we weren’t wasting money on frivolous items, we wouldn’t need to ask the federal government so much for help.

But rather than having difficult but necessary talks with cities and taking their spending money away from them, it’s easier to leave the state’s budget problems on the doorstep of President Donald Trump and Congress.

Granted, if Cuomo can use Executive Orders to shut down businesses and schools, he can use Executive Orders to stop paying checks for non-urgent items like decorative lighting in Jamestown.

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