Citing viral video, Cong alleges PM ‘pressured’ BJP rebel leader over challenge to HP polls

Congress on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “pressured” a rebel BJP leader not to contest the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections and alleged he was “misusing its power” to influence free and fair elections.

Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi cited a video that went viral on social media platforms, saying Modi’s voice was heard there during a call with BJP rebel Kripal Parmar. Singhvi alleged that the prime minister was “pressured” and “emotionally blackmailed” the leader over the phone not to run as an independent from Fatehpur headquarters of Kangra district.

Speaking at a press conference at the headquarters of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), he claimed that such developments reflected that the prime minister had a “problematic list of priorities which is reversed and distorted”.

“Not governance, but election campaigning is the favorite job of the BJP government and its chief executive,” Singhvi said.

”The Prime Minister is abusing his power to influence free and fair elections. It would be blatant electoral misconduct, if not corrupt electoral practice,’ he said referring to the video.

Whatever remedies Congress has by complaining to the Election Commission and elsewhere will be pursued by the party, Singhvi said.

”The BJP is losing ground in Himachal Pradesh and is going to be defeated. Such acts and words reflect his fear, frustration and insecurity,” he said.

“We leave it to the nation to judge whether the high office of the Honorable Prime Minister should stoop to such levels for an election as an MP,” he added.

Attacking Modi, Singhvi said that if the ”general manager of the country” and the de facto general manager of the BJP can go so far to win a particular seat, it is the best validation of the BJP’s already proven track record, as to the extent to which the ruling party can and will overthrow elected governments. “They already have PhDs painstakingly obtained in the past from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Manipur and many other such milestones,” he alleged.

Instead of controlling the ‘devastating’ economy and ensuring good governance, Prime Minister Modi on Saturday visited Radha Soami Satsang at Beas in Amritsar and met with its leader Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon, as the Dera has influence significant in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress leader said.

”Despair and fear are very present in such actions. The BJP only remembers religion when votes get scarce,’ he alleged.

Slamming the BJP-led government on the state of the economy, Singhvi said one of the issues that should be the number one priority for the prime minister, the ruling party and the government is rising oil. inflation. “The combined consumer price index (CPI) reached 7.41% in September. More alarmingly, the rural CPI rose even more than the already high urban CPI, indicating a slightly larger impact of inflation in rural India,” he said.

”Secondly, the consumer food price index (CFPI) rose to 8.6% year-on-year this month. This implies that food prices are driving the price hike, hitting the common man in the solar plexus,’ the Rajya Sabha MP said.

The rise in CPI inflation in September was largely due to vegetables (18.05%), spices (16.88%) and cereals and derived products (11.53%), he said. declared. In September, inflation figures for grains and products were the highest since September 2013, he said, adding that this was accompanied by a decline in manufacturing, which has contracted by 0.7%.

According to the Monitoring Center for Indian Economy (CMIE), the rural unemployment rate stood at 8.04% in October from 5.84% in September while urban unemployment fell to 7.21% from 7.7% in September, he pointed out.

“The country is running on autopilot, as the chief pilot goes to Deras and election campaigns,” he said, lashing out at Modi.

“The nation is like Rome, which is burning and the prime minister is like Nero who is playing election jingle music,” Singhvi said.

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