Brian Kennedy has ‘washed his hands’ of Eurovision and thinks the song contest is ‘a waste of time’

Singer Brian Kennedy has announced that he has “washed his hands” of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Belfast-born singer represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in 2006, where he sang ‘Every song is a cry of love’.

Her semi-final performance marked the 1,000th song to chart in Eurovision history before going 10th overall.

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But now Brian tells The Star he’s done with Eurovision and will never be involved again – saying it’s a ‘waste of time’.

“I – like Serbia – washed my hands with Eurovision,” he said.

“I am asked to do something every year. I was one of the last people before Ryan O’Shaughnessy to reach the final. My performance was the 1,000th performance.

“Someone contacts me every year asking if you’re coming to sing at a party, or they ask me to judge songs…I don’t really get involved.”

When asked why, he explained: “I think because of the way it happened it’s a waste of time because you know how it’s structured now, God loves us , we don’t seem to be lucky.”

But he said Ireland should continue to be part of Eurovision, despite failing since 2018 with Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

“No, I think we are a country that never gives up, so I think we should restructure.

Brian Kennedy

“I got us into the final and Ryan did it. It’s possible.”

But despite his disappointment with Brooke Scullion this year, the 55-year-old thinks we need to get back to singing ballads and sounding more Irish, saying Brooke’s song That’s Rich “wasn’t Irish enough”.

“She was so much better than most other people. The only thing I thought was that it wasn’t Irish enough.

“I think culturally everything has become very watered down. Everything has become very homogeneous. Years ago we knew it was Ireland representing us. You could hear the accent, there was something Irish in the song. I think it’s dangerous to talk like everyone else and clearly it didn’t work.

“I think Linda Martin is right. There has to be some sort of return to what we do, which is great ballad and great vocal performance.

Brooke Scullion
Brooke Scullion

“I think we should come back with a completely structured idea but stick to the ballad.”

When asked if we should put an entry in our native language, he replied, “I love it (singing in Irish). That’s what I loved about Eurovision. I mean, maybe a mix of the two would be smart.

“A bit of Irish and English would be the way to go, but I think culturally we need to buffer and say this Ireland because I don’t think we’ve had that for a while,” he said. he said at the launch of Celebrity Fitness. Coach Paul Byrne’s new gym at Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin.

Brian also said that radio stations not playing the song to help the artist’s Eurovision campaign was a real problem, adding that he had no radio support either.

“It’s a real problem. I had no support either. When my song came out, I think there were literally people phoning the radio stations saying why you weren’t playing that? We did not get an answer.

“There seems to be a very strange embarrassment about our own culture. I think it’s a hangover from a long time ago,” he added.

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