Bravely Default 2: How to Beat Martha


You’ll need to defeat Martha to gain access to the Dragoon job in Bravely Default 2 – here’s a walkthrough for her boss fight.

Martha's split image feature

When it comes to bringing down the big bosses, there is a certain satisfaction when they are in a position of authority. A common trope in RPG games is powerful bossy characters whose influence can be felt during your adventure. Bravely Default II has a number of characters that fit the bill in various ways.

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Some of these numbers will be useful, others indifferent, and a few you will have to face in battle. One of them in the last category is a person named Martha Lancer. You will have to defeat her to continue the story and gain access to the Dragoon job.

Who is Martha Lancer?

Martha Lancer fine art portrait

Marth Lancer is an important figure in the town of Rimedahl, having been trusted to protect the Serpent’s Cave where Gwydion the dragon lord resides. He is a dragon master who takes care of the little dragon Gwilym and sometimes helps the party. You will have the chance to fight her in chapter 3 seeking an audience with Gwydion.

Martha in battle

Martha Lancer ready for battle

Although the context of this battle is a practice match, Martha will do anything against you to test your strength. She fights the whole group on her own using agility and strong physical attacks.

  • Jump: Like a real dragon, Martha leaps into the air and becomes immune to attacks. She descends on her next turn, dealing damage to one of your party members.
  • Sonic boost: A powerful weapon attack that hits the whole group.
  • Thunderclap: An elemental lightning attack that hits a party member.
  • Spirit push: A dynamic attack that deals damage to a party member’s HP and MP before absorbing it into themselves.
  • Angon: A piercing attack that hits a party member while ignoring their defense stat.

Fight Marthe

Martha praises heroes

  • The majority of Martha’s attacks are physical, limiting her damage. As long as you equip your party with good armor and use defense boosting skills, you will be able to reduce their effectiveness. She has an elemental lightning attack so that you can increase your resistance to prepare for it.

  • As Martha is a human character, she has a number of weaknesses in combat that you can capitalize on. She is vulnerable to the Dark and Fire elemental attacks but takes reduced damage from wind and lightning. She also takes additional damage from Dagger and bow weapons.

  • Speed is definitely the name of the game for this fight and it’s the one Martha relies on the most. As such, it’s a good idea to use skills that can lower his speed stat or increase that of your party. In addition, you can include some quick characters in your party.
  • Martha has no counters or special guards against physical or magical damage, so you are free to use your more powerful attacks. Since its damage power is not very high, you can have a balance between light and heavy work. Some of the heaviest tanking jobs are Master of shields, master of beasts and vanguard while the fastest jobs include the thief, freelance, and gamer. If you are determined to have a supporting role in your party, then a White mage will be very effective in keeping everyone healthy.

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