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No, it’s not a “Notebook” spin-off. There won’t be a heartfelt, crossover love story here, at least not the one you might expect.

When I was in college, one of the go-to restaurants for me and my friends was Sonic. To be honest, it wasn’t a place I went to much before I started school.

But we went there religiously without fail, from late night ice cream parlors to enjoying slush days on the cheap to just having lunch because we were sick of the dining room food.

For this reason, I kept a notepad in my car specifically for jotting down orders.

It was not uncommon for my car to be loaded with two to four other people who were going on drive-in adventures. And being the mom friend that I was (am? am.), I always tended to be prepared.

This notepad was crammed into door pockets, stuffed into the center console, and saw plenty of burger combos.

When I started my college career, I never thought so many memories would be tied to a stack of papers bound together with adhesive tape. And I certainly never thought that Sonic would be the go-to restaurant that would forever be an icon for me.

This pad saw a lot of discussion about who would/could pay, who would reimburse whom, and who owed what.

Do I want a burger or something smaller? A pretzel stick, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, just a milkshake. The options were limitless and the drink choices were even more so.

OK, now I sound like paid advertising. Not sponsored, I swear. (Big bosses of Sonic, if you’re reading this, I won’t turn down coupons or free food. See my email below.)

Anyway, back to reality. I certainly don’t miss all of college, but these little trips have helped keep us sane.

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