BJP leaders vitiate atmosphere with provocative statements

Bahujan Samaj party leader Mayawati accused some leaders of the Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party of vitiating the atmosphere with their provocative statements on the issue of repealing agricultural laws and demanded that they be curbed to instill confidence to farmers.

Speaking to Twitter on Monday morning, Mayawati posted: “Accepting the demand of the farmers who have been agitating for nearly a year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the three farm laws, other just demands from them have also been made. need a quick fix so that they can return to their respective homes after being satisfied and be able to fully re-engage in their tasks. “

The BSP chief further tweeted: “At the same time, in order to instill confidence in farmers about the central government’s special announcement for the withdrawal of agricultural laws, it is necessary to curb the rhetoric of some leaders of the BJP, who, despite the Prime Minister’s announcement, arouse suspicion among the population with their provocative statements and degrade the environment. “

Although Mayawati did not name any BJP leader, she was apparently referring to remarks by Unnao’s BJP deputy, Sakshi Maharaj, that laws could be passed again, if necessary. “The invoices are made and repealed. They will come back, and will be redone. It hardly takes any time (invoices to bante rehte hai, bigadte rehte hai … wapas aa jayenge, dobara ban jaayenge … koi der nahi lagtee hai) “Maharaj said on Sunday.

In another tweet, Mayawati posted: “But I would thank Modiji for showing a big heart and choosing the nation over the laws. Those with malicious intentions and those who wielded the slogans of Pakistan zindabad and Khalistan zindabad, have a response worthy of the name. “

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced that the Center would repeal the three controversial agricultural laws after nearly a year of unrest by a section of farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

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