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Even though a large portion of popular anime shows are based on manga, the anime culture also draws heavily on video games. After all, Pokemon, Sonic, and Steins; Portal would not exist without their original video games. Other lesser-known cartoons include television series based on game franchises such as The devil can cry and street fighter.

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These anime adaptations can take the entire script from their source material or just include characters from the game. In an age when the cinema struggles to make a good video game movie, the anime industry has one step ahead, directing a beautifully tailored video game anime one after another.

ten Castlevania (2017-2021) – Available on Netflix

Trevor and Sypha say goodbye to Alucard in Castlevania

An American production for Netflix, Castlevania takes place in a world of vampires, vampire hunters and wizards. When Count Dracula desires revenge on his deceased wife and wreaks havoc, these forces unite to restore balance. What follows is a constant series of violent adventures.

The first two seasons are based on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse while the other seasons used characters and storylines from Castlevania derivative games like Curse of darkness. The Netflix animated series not only emulates the excessive violence that is synonymous with games, but also offers more detailed stories of characters like Trevor Belmont and Alucard.

9 Pok̩mon (1997-) РAvailable on Netflix Kids

Pokemon is so popular that it has become a huge facet of the biggest pop culture. Launched in 1997, the anime revolves around ten-year-old Ash Ketchum, who embarks on adventures to find the titular creatures, capture them, and train them. In his quest to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world, he also learns several life lessons.

A year before the anime’s release, Pokemon was introduced with Pocket monsters Red and green for the Nintendo Game Boy (also sold under Red and blue in the USA). The game has become so popular that every generation of Nintendo handheld consoles has received one. Pokemon game or other. These Generation I Pokemon video games were centered on the Pokemon trainer known as Red, the character who inspired Ash.

8 Digimon Adventure (1999-2000) – Available on Hulu

Tai and improved version of Agumon in combat in Digimon Adventure

The very first Digimon animated, Digimon Adventure follows a Pokemon-as an itinerary with its young protagonists taking care of “digital dinosaurs”. contrary to Pokemonmonsters that appear in nature, Digimon’s creatures emerge from computer screens. They appear to inhabit an alternate universe known as the “Digital World”.

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The origins of Digimon can be traced from the Namcai product line of the same name which included digital pets similar to Tamagotchi. These toys then spawned the video game Digimon World which added more context behind the fictional stories of virtual pets. Share similar elements with the game, Digimon Adventure aged well, incorporating coming-of-age and social themes the game couldn’t.

7 Steins; Gate (2011-2015) – Available on Hulu

Okabe and his friends text

A sci-fi thriller and anime with cult audiences, Steins; Portal takes place around university student Okabe Rintarou who, along with his friends, discovers a technique for sending messages to the past. When his activities attract the attention of an evil organization, the unlikely hero becomes the only chance to balance all the timelines.

The anime is the continuation of the visual novel game of the same name which was also part of the Science Adventure series. The video game used multiple storylines and branching timelines, with the anime retaining all of its characters. Even though time travel has become a repetitive trope in science fiction, Steins; Portal still offers a fresher take that starts off on a lighter note but ends up being quite introspective.

6 Fate / Stay Night (2006) – Available on Hulu

The main characters of Fate Stay Night standing side by side in the middle of a battle

Religion and witchcraft mingle Destiny / Stay the night which places its protagonist Shirou Emiya in the so-called “Holy Grail War”. As the name suggests, the main intention of each party is to get their hands on the mythical item and unleash their true powers. Aid in his quest is Saber, a mighty warrior who initially hides his true identity.

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A little like Steins; Portal, Destiny / Stay the night is also based on a visual novel game. Both versions of the story incorporate British history and mythology. With the anime fleshing out the game Unlimited blade works and The feeling of paradise storylines, the dark fantasy series balances the usual adventure tropes with introspective spiritual themes.

5 Sonic X (2003-2005) – Available on Prime Video

Sonic X characters pose

Starring Sonic the Hedgehog, this three-season series focused on the friendship between the hedgehog speedster and human boy Chris Thorndyke. While an encounter with Doctor Eggman causes him to leave his home planet, Sonic adjusts to his new life on Earth. Later, he and his overpowered friends also venture into space to fight an alien army.

Sonic x borrows the comical and exciting elements of the Sonic franchise while retaining the larger-than-life tone of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. While not based on a particular game, Sonic and his feud with Eggman look like similar arcs in the first one. Sonic game, and other spinoffs like Sound adventure.

4 Devil May Cry (2007) – Available on Hulu

the devil may cry anime dante

The devil can cry is more popular as a game series, but it spawned a short-lived single-season animated series. Released under the same name, the show features fan-favorite private investigator Dante, who runs his own devil-hunting business.

The story appears to be taken from the franchise’s first two games and reintroduces characters like Trish and Lady, while also introducing new ones like Dante Morrison and Patty’s friend, a girl he saves and shares a close bond with. . As expected, the anime is also filled with adrenaline-inducing action sequences that pay homage to the original hack-and-slash game.

3 Dragon’s Dogma (2020-) – Available on Netflix


Ethan is a warrior determined to kill a dragon that has taken his heart. But in his quest for revenge, his own inner demons are unleashed with every step. There is enough action for fans of medieval fantasy, and the protagonist’s mental struggles add a sense of realism to his character.

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The open-world environment of the Netflix animated series is explored in even more detail in the 2012 video game while also dealing with a somewhat deeper story. Even though video game graphics are always state-of-the-art, they are inspired by a lot of more classic styles. The dogma of the dragon anime, on the other hand, presents a more detailed CGI vision.

2 Inazuma Eleven (2008-2011) – Available on Hoopla

Inazuma Eleven team posing together

Fans of sports and fitness anime would be delighted to Inazuma Eleven, the story of a school football team struggling to get back into shape. With an emphasis on friendship and leadership, the anime also offers heartwarming moments in addition to athletic action.

The series was inspired by the manga as well as a Nintendo DS role-playing game. For the latter, players are not only supposed to play football matches, but also to seek potential players for the starting team. Inazuma Eleven retains the visual style and themes of the game to create a more interactive watch.

1 Virtua Fighter (1995-1996) – Available on Tubi TV

The poster for the animated series Virtua Fighter with the characters in fighting poses

Virtua Fighter serves as a prequel to the first game in the series, with each character appearing as a relatively younger version of themselves. Martial artist Akira Yuki forges new alliances with each episode in his quest for the “eight shining stars,” mythical objects that only true masters can reach.

Take characters from both Virtua Fighter and Virtua Fighter 2, the anime follows a simple plot with lots of action sequences. Quick fights are great for fans of not only Virtua Fighter but other classics like Tekken and street fighter.

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