Ben Schwartz on The Afterparty, How Epic Sonic 2 is, and the Renfield Movie

Like all of you, I constantly hear about fantastic shows I need to watch. I would say there has never been so much amazing content on TV due to the myriad of streaming channels churning out cinematic quality series. And even if you can’t watch much of it… I want to highly recommend Chris Millerit is the after partywhich is now streaming on Apple TV+.

If you haven’t heard of the series, it’s a murder mystery comedy set at a high school reunion afterparty where each episode presents a narrative of the same night told through the perspective of a different character. But because it’s Chris Miller and Phil Lord, they had to raise the bar, so each episode has its own visual format and genre of film to match the personality of the storyteller. An episode is a musical. Another is animated. While another episode is told as the lead role in an action movie. Also, in addition to the brilliant format, you have terrific performances from the entire cast and scripts that will keep you guessing.


I really can’t recommend this series enough.

Shortly after seeing seven of the eight episodes, I was able to speak with Ben Schwartz about the making of the series. During the fun interview, he talked about why he was so excited to work with Lord and Miller, whether he guessed who the killer was correctly before reading the script, his fantastic chemistry with Sam Richardson and how he was a fan before he got on set, and the awesome songs from his musical episode. Additionally, he said how excited he was to work with Nicholas Cage in Chris McKayit is Renfield (Cage plays Dracula!), and what someone should watch if they’ve never seen his work.

Pictures via Apple TV+

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Finally, for fans of Sonic (Schwartz voices the character) he talked about the sequel, sonic the hedgehog 2and why he’s thrilled for people to see him:

“The second film is just epic. It’s huge, it’s big, it’s huge, it’s exciting, that’s what happens when your first movie does well, you get to make an even bigger one for your second. It’s exciting, it’s a great old studio movie, so I can’t wait for people to see it. The expansion of the world comes in our characters. There’s Tails now. There are Knuckles now. And Jim (Carrey) is on point of course. It’s really good and it’s epic and I’m so excited for people to see it because it’s awesome.

Watch what Ben Schwartz had to say in the player above and below, that’s exactly what we talked about. the after party also stars David Franco, Ike Barinholtz, Zoe Chao, Tiffany Haddish, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetriouand John early.

Ben Schwartz

  • If someone has never seen anything they did, what is the first thing they should look at and why?
  • When it was thrown the after party how much did Chris Miller tell him about the full arc of the show and who the killer was?
  • Why he was so excited to work with Lord and Miller.
  • How the songs of his musical episode are fantastic.
  • What it took for her to learn to sing and dance.
  • His fantastic chemistry with Sam Richardson and how he was a fan before he got on set.
  • What was his favorite episode and what genre was not his?
  • How he didn’t guess the killer before reading the script.
  • How excited he is to work with Nicolas Cage in Chris McKay Renfield and how the script is fantastic and so funny.
  • What can he tell the fans about Sonic 2?

Pictures via Apple TV+

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