Bay Area Storm: Atmospheric river intensity will increase, leading to potential flooding and power outages

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Atmospheric river causing flooding and power outages in bay area. The storm increased in strength to a Strong-3 on our storm impact scale.

The heaviest rains and the most gusty winds will hit the Bay Area until 6 p.m. Thunderstorms are possible for the rest of the day.

Bay Area residents brace for possible flooding

The Atmospheric River has arrived here in the Bay Area, and while it is a welcome sight in the midst of our severe drought, many are hopeful it won’t lead to flooding.

Rain was falling on Highway 101 in Marin County on Sunday, with rainwater rushing toward downtown San Rafael. This caused the rapid flooding of some streets.

LIVE: Track the rain in the San Francisco Bay Area with Live Doppler 7

Brenda Goeden’s dogs, Twiggy and Scruffy, didn’t have one. Even so, the rain was a welcome sight.

“I’m really excited, it’s been a long dry spell so we’re super happy to have the rain,” said Goeden.

Many hope that this atmospheric river will not bring the same flooding as the last one in October, turning the streets into lakes.

In San Francisco, the bay was bubbling, high waves pounding the seawall along the Embarcadero.

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The San Francisco Fire Department is asking drivers to slow down this wet week.

“The faster you drive, the longer it will take to stop, which increases the likelihood of colliding with an object, another car, or worse a person,” said Jonathan Baxter, San Francisco Fire Lieutenant. .

Homeowners were collecting free sandbags from the public works yard in Bayview. Thomas Trueva was trying to keep his house dry.

Atmospheric river soaks bay area, heavy rain is expected

“We don’t get too much rain so the flash floods that do happen, we don’t flood our house so we put sandbags in front of our garage,” Trueva said.

“We had floods when there was heavy rains last year, this year we put rugs under the door, so we decided to use sandbags instead,” Pasha said. San Francisco Gleyzer.

“We are giving out 10 bags to the people of San Francisco, this is really for people whose property is prone to flooding,” said Rachel Gordon, spokesperson for San Francisco Public Works.

Gordon says the public works tree crews are on hold, in the latest storm the town lost around 800 trees and large branches.

Residents of Santa Cruz County experience atmospheric river

As expected, Monday’s atmospheric river affected Santa Cruz County as well as most of Northern California.

Heavy rains made it difficult to travel along major highways and minor roads through the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Although the heavy rains attracted the most attention from drivers, high winds and debris on the roadway also caused traffic problems.

“We see a lot of little pocket slips, little tiny mudslides, landslides coming down to the pavement,” said Jason Hoppin, Santa Cruz County spokesperson. “Our teams patrol their areas, they clear them as they find them and (try) to keep the roads passable.”

Residents who live along the San Lorenzo River tell ABC7 that water levels have risen higher than they have seen in years.

Another big concern in Santa Cruz County has been the downfall of power lines, according to Hoppin there have been outages largely caused by trees falling and hitting wires.

Hoppin says PG&E is working to restore power outages across the county as they occur.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is issuing evacuation warnings for areas of the San Lorenzo Valley and the CZU burn scar. See below to find out which areas are impacted.

A tree falls on a house in Felton

A massive tree fell on a house in Felton overnight. Firefighters responded to the scene, but it is not clear if anyone was injured.

Flooded streams and overturned trees wreak havoc in East Bay

In the East Bay, streams flooded all of Alameda County, causing some roads to be closed on Monday evening.

At Lincoln Park in Alameda, a large tree has fallen over on a playground.

“We got an email from the ARPD saying our park had been completely demolished by a tree, so we had to come and check it out for ourselves and it’s much worse than expected,” said Kristen Goin, who lives near the park.

The Goin family say they frequently take their son to play in this park. They stayed home most of the day during the storm and are happy they weren’t near the park when the tree fell.

“We came once a month,” she says. “He was going to do a winter camp in the park, but now I don’t know what we’ll be doing during the winter vacation.”

Holiday shoppers enjoy the humid weather in East Bay

This weekend’s rainstorm is hitting right in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Despite the wet weather, many buyers still agreed to the terms for buying gifts.

“We came here to buy some last minute gifts for our family,” said Jade Lee, who went shopping with her friend on Sunday. “It’s really wet, but we didn’t want to wait until the last minute and be in trouble.”

An inch of rain could fall in parts of the East Bay. Many people could be seen wearing heavy raincoats and umbrellas trying to stay dry.

Walnut Creek is packed with shoppers on a rainy Sunday

“We’re just going to stay in the stores as much as possible and then stay under the covers of the stores,” Lee said.

However, some say the rain is welcome. After a warm start to the month, some shoppers say the rain puts them more in the holiday spirit.

“The rain is fun actually,” said Dorothy Herrera. “It’s a good change of pace.

Caltrans works overnight to clean storm drains

The rain caused problems along the roads of the peninsula.

Highway 92 to Half Moon Bay was flooded and crews spent Monday evening unclogging drains along Highway 82 in Burlingame, San Mateo and Hillsborough.

We caught up with a team of Caltrans unclogging the drains who told us they had dealt with car wrecks, flooding and small sink holes.

Peninsula neighborhood on alert as rain recalls massive October flooding

As winds and rainfall intensify, residents along Landing Lane in Millbrae are on hold.

“My biggest concern is that I hope the wind stops soon because if it continues to rain it could flood my property,” said Norris Song, a resident of Millbrae.

In October, more than 2 feet of water flooded homes and cars in this neighborhood. Sunday night, Norris hopes to stay ahead of any potential flooding.

“We’ve got the sandbags and my garage ready. I have shelves where I put everything on top of the shelf just in case,” Song said.

TIPS: Here’s how to use sandbags and avoid flooding

Although only an inch and a half of rain is expected to hit this area, residents are hoping their drainage system will work.

“Part of the problem is the infrastructure with the sewer lines. They have never been replaced in our block, just as the streets have never been paved since I’ve lived here,” said Eva Erwyn, resident of Millbrae.

Before the next rainy days, residents piled sandbags against their garage doors. Eva Erwyn placed a plastic tarp and bricks against her garage, hoping it would keep water out.

Her home was one of several flooded less than two months ago.

“The sewage overflowed as well. So I had sewage in my garage, sewage in my family room,” Erwyn said.

Heavy rains are also impacting areas of Pacifica where waves can reach over 20 feet over the next 24 hours.

“It blows water in your face. The rain that’s falling isn’t that bad, but the wind gets really strong at the end of the pier,” said Mike Pointer, Pacifica resident.

Meanwhile, PG&E employees stand ready to respond to possible widespread power outages.


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