Austin Reaves explains LeBron James viral meme

Austin Reaves played a solid game in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Friday. As a result, Reaves was called upon to speak to the media for the first time since a hilarious interaction between him and LeBron James in Tuesday’s win over the Brooklyn Nets went viral.

(LeBron hasn’t played in the Lakers’ two games since due to knee pain, and Reaves didn’t make a media statement following the team’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday.)

Predictably, the undrafted rookie was asked about what happened between him and LeBron. As is the case with most things that explode on the internet, I regret to inform you that the explanation wasn’t as amusing as the meme itself.

“First time being a meme, I guess,” Reaves rift. “We were just talking about an ATO (‘after a time out’). The coach had prepared something. I think it was just a big misunderstanding. There was no conflict. He was just talking like I just caught myself off guard. I didn’t know I had. But I definitely walked into the locker room and my phone blew up.

Over the past two days, LeBron and Reaves have been having fun with the clip. LeBron posted a screenshot on his Instagram page, comparing it to the classic conversation between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Reaves shared the clip to his own IG Story.

Reaves promoted a sponsored contest, offering fans a reward for finding the best caption for the meme.

Lakers, unite!

CJ McCollum, Blazers

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