Auburn Baseball Launches “Operation Atmosphere”

AUBURN, Alabama — Ever since Coach Butch Thompson took over Auburn’s baseball program, one of the things he wanted was to create a space in Plainsman Park that the students could call their own. Now that moment has finally come.

As the Tigers prepare for the 2022 season, an open area outside the right-field fence has been cleared and the wall has been turned into a see-through fence to allow fans to have even more impact on them. matches starting this year. With reserved season tickets officially sold out this season, the space created for the students should be an even bigger advantage on the field for the Auburn Tigers.

“We kind of saw it as an ‘operating atmosphere‘,” said Thompson. “It was a change from last year. With all the protocols we went through and everything that happened, “what can we do to improve this experience and create a better atmosphere at Plainsman Park?” If you look across the street with what we’ve been doing in football over the years and now, the student section here for basketball is nationally known. He has never been at a higher fever level.

The speaker has left Plainsman Park and the outfield fence is being changed for 2022. (Photo: Jason Caldwell / Inside the Auburn Tigers, 247Sports)

“I just met these kids and created their own organic space, it’s high time it was in Plainsman Park,” the coach said. is going to be unique. I think they are going to kiss him big. Hopefully, as we get closer to our pre-season team games, we’ll have a day for our students and organize them and show our appreciation, and know a little bit more about it. “

Fans familiar to Plainsman Park will recall a huge speaker just outside the outfield wall in the right field between the reliever box and center field. That is now gone with the Auburn mobile speakers beneath the grandstand overhang and inside the stadium. Thompson said it was another opportunity to not only open up seats on the pitch, but also to make the experience inside Plainsman Park a better one for fans.

“Now we’ve upgraded our sound system and brought the music and the sound into the stadium and closer to home plate,” said Thompson. “I think it’s going to enrich our fans with what we’ve had over the past few years. We’ve also created premium spaces down the first baseline. We had really big plans for (Tiger) Terrace in 2020. It was really about to kick off for the SEC game. We had done all the groundwork on it, but we never got to see it play out. “

Inside the park, Auburn will have space for Tigers Unlimited donors on the first base line with the Tiger Terrace becoming a tent area for food, drinks, etc. The key will be outside the fence and the new student area which will be open to everyone. Thompson said it’s something he hopes to become a must-see environment for fans who want to experience Auburn baseball.

“I could see it was just an organic space,” he said. “I could see people on the hill and children running around. I think there was an idea to wait another year and maybe we could do more, but we just decided to kick it off and see where it grows. I want our students to run this, just like I want our players to run things because that’s what’s happening with our top clubs. I think it’s gonna end up being amazing if we can just get started. Create a space and let them guide us. I think they’ll take us where this thing needs to go.

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