Arcane understands what makes a bad video game adaptation

Arcane has already cemented itself far more than your usual video game adaptation, with the animated original becoming a huge hit for Netflix and Riot Games. By unfolding its episodes through an ongoing series of acts, the story of Vi and Jinx has already attracted a large following of passionate fans who are invested in the direction this origin story is taking.

Unlike countless video game-inspired movies and shows we’ve seen in the past, this doesn’t smear the source material or translate it for the mainstream, so all the main appeal is lost. He understands that the League of Legends universe means a lot more than that, especially when he decides to focus on specific places and characters in such an intimate way. There are elements of the larger League lore that are never mentioned, and that’s good.

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Nothing about Arcane seems out of place – all of its individual arcs help build an overall story that’s doomed to inevitable tragedy. The opening act alone moves forward at a breakneck pace, ushering in the plight of our main characters while also bringing together a world that will be slowly but surely developed in the weeks to come.


Vi is an excellent heroine, ravaged by trauma and defined by a desire to be better than what society thinks she is. Her life should be tied to the basement, but she wants to rise above that and provide a better life for her family. Powder’s inevitable growth in Jinx is difficult to watch, knowing that Vi failed to create a world where her younger sister could be free from corruption, allowing the magic slowly seeping into this society to change her for the better. always. She wasn’t there when she needed it, and that fact will haunt her.

She fails, and there is a beauty in following a main character who has to face her mistakes, even if it means spilling blood from the only family she has. One day everything goes wrong and they are no longer children, they are freedom fighters representing a cause that itself is not even clear, but that is the greatest good, and that is the whole motivation they need to move forward. Unlike so many other adaptations, it doesn’t rely on familiar themes and imagery to draw hardcore fans alongside the mainstream, it does its own thing with confidence, drawing newcomers to this universe with a flow. valuable knowledge without overwhelming it. As someone who adores the world of League but despises the game, this seems like the perfect compromise. I don’t need to play my part and stay in the lane, I just need to sit down and let this captivating world swallow me whole, and Arcane seems happy to let me.

League of Legends Arcane

For years, we’ve been talking about a movie that breaks the curse of video game adaptation, with Hollywood producing something that isn’t just passable or complete. Sonic the Hedgehog was fine, Detective Pikachu is a healthy adventure, and the new Mortal Kombat is a lot of fun without going overboard. But with the arrival of Arcane, I can’t help but feel that we have looked in the wrong places. Traditional movies and television have to adhere to a specific model or risk falling into irrelevance, while streaming services are much more malleable.

Arcane is a product of its day in the best possible way, with services like Netflix and Disney + showing that unconventional shows can achieve massive success, without meeting a weekly release format or the promotion needed to shine. Squid Game came out of nowhere and was the biggest show in the world for months, and its publicity came almost entirely from word of mouth. It changed everything and defied expectations, and Arcane seems to be following in the same footsteps.


Posting episodes in small chunks allows it to become a product of conversation, instead of a culture of frenzy, leaving it to watch and put aside so that there is room for the next big thing. My timeline is inundated with speculation, fan art, and people who want Vi to come out, and I love that League ignites the imaginations of thousands of people instead of quietly existing in the background as a MOBA that I’m in. will never play. We’ll see where the cards land in the coming weeks, but for now, it feels like Arcane has the world in the palm of its hands.

Arcane does not exist to replace League of Legends, or even to adapt it. It exists to complete the landscape that League of Legends has bragged about for years. Stories are no longer limited to additional materials and character descriptions, her ambition can now be achieved in a medium that doesn’t require investment in a genre that will be beyond many heads. It doesn’t match so many of its predecessors, and that’s exactly why it manages to shine so brightly. I’ll never play League, but Arcane doesn’t want me to, and that’s the best part. That and Vi. Don’t judge me, strong girls are cool.

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