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Andrew Neil took to Channel 4 on his Sunday night show, opening the program with a rap performance. Drawing on the Nadine Dorries rap she posted earlier this week, the broadcaster has dabbled in music while trying to deliver rap lyrics itself. He even ended his performance by dropping his microphone like a pop star. Her unorthodox intro shocked many viewers with her derided skills online.

Conservative MP Dorries posted a TikTok video where she rapped about “the UK is passing new legislation, to make the internet safer for the younger generation”.

The viral video was not well received and show host Andrew thought he would try his own rap song.

“On the mic” and “with the flow”, Andrew looked confidently towards the camera as he performed in front of his viewers.

Puzzled watcher Ruairi O’Brien-Kelly was unimpressed and tweeted: “Channel 4, what are you playing? Look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is what you really want to do ?”

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His talent, or lack thereof, quickly became a topic of discussion online, with Rich Adams adding, “Please haven’t we all suffered enough?!”

Nathan Franklin said, “Oh, how far you’ve fallen.”

With a video of Dorries performing, Andrew took the opportunity to riff her in a rap battle style.

@GaryOfLancs described, “I’d rather listen to a dentist’s drill than a rap battle.”

“Top politicians here on C4, it’s just half an hour, but they all want more.

“I ask all the questions like I don’t care. So come on, Boris, sit down.”

Letting go of the microphone, he finished: “Thank you Nadine, I understood.”

Dorries’ video, which aimed to break down the new legislation into language more accessible to social media users, actually united them online in mocking the video.

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