Amie Just: NU volleyball’s sold-out scrimmage provides top-notch atmosphere for nation’s No. 1 team | Volleyball

There are a myriad of words to describe the atmosphere of the red-white game in Nebraska volleyball.

Sometimes “loud” turned into “ear knock” – like when Kaitlyn Hord was first introduced as the Husker. Or “amazed”, as when Bekka Allick dropped her rocket with one arm while throwing her mini volleyball.

Energy? “Amped” and “electric” were the words used by John Cook, saying “it wasn’t our typical red-white audience”.

Selling volleyball games is the name of the game for Nebraska.

The Huskers led the nation in attendance for seven consecutive seasons before the pandemic, then once again paced present Division I schedules in 2021 as well – averaging 8,172 in their 19 home contests.

But these are meaningful games, not glorified practices.

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“It’s hard to put into words because you never think you’re going to wrap a Red-White game,” coach John Cook said. “I walked in today and was blown away.”

Official attendance was 7,946 — six more than the reported 2021 scrimmage total. That’s slightly more than what Nebraska considers a sell-out at 7,907.

Even though ticket sales were high last year, Cook said sentiment for the 2022 return was beyond recent seasons.

“The difference today – I don’t know if it has to do with COVID, but the last Red-White pairings we’ve had is like Love Library. Super quiet,” Cook said. today? People were on fire. They were inside.

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In other words, it was close to feeling like a regular season game, just minus the incoming T-shirts for the student section.

Some of that electricity could be the result of pairing the red-white scrimmage with the opening day of volleyball fans.

Attendees flocked from across the region, representing western Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, Cook said, recalling his conversations with Husker fans earlier in the afternoon. .

Families and volleyball teams made weekends of it. For many of them, the scrimmage is their chance to see Nebraska volleyball in person, as the Huskers are a hot item.

Some of them lined up for over an hour and a half for autographs and photos.

One conversation Cook remembered was when he asked someone how long they had been waiting. Their response: Hour and fifteen minutes. Cook follow-up: “Was it worth it? »

This is true dedication, regardless if that person was from Lincoln, Hyannis, Bismarck or somewhere in between.

And then for them to (hopefully) recharge the batteries and then return to the Bob for more?

“That’s why there’s no place like Nebraska,” Cook said.

Team #1. Atmosphere #1. No question.

Let the road to Omaha begin.

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