‘American Song Contest’: Fans Call Wyoming’s Ryan Charles Song ‘Culturally Relevant’

If you love a good reality TV show, “American Song Contest” should be on your watch list. With performers from across the country representing different states, watch them battle it out. The show features a wide range of genres from rock to k-pop, so get ready for one hell of a musical journey!

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Ryan Charles from Wyoming brought western cowboy rap to the stage of the “American Song Contest”. He’s been pretty vocal about how much he loves Wyoming and even joked about their new motto: “Wyoming isn’t real, so don’t come here.” For his song, Charles performed “New Boot Goofin”, inspired by his uncle. Seeing that everyone in Wyoming owns a pair of boots, the song was his way of staying true to his Western ways.

“New Boot Goofin” was an instant hit with fans and if there was one song that turned out to be the catchiest of the night, it was definitely Ryan Charles. “Wyoming’s contribution to the #AmericanSongContest is hilarious and legendary. Truly the San Marino of this contest.” tweeted a fan. “New boot goofin was pretty fun don’t judge me all #AmericanSongContest,” added another. “so america can stage eurovision but eurovision could never do new boot blunders. sorry but i had to say it #americansongcontest” added a fan.

“#RyanCharles New boot goofin’ is poppin’. #AmericanSongContest,” one fan said. “I did not expect THIS…
#NewBootGoofin by #RyanCharles is F–KEN FIRE! Holy shit! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! The white boy can rap!!! #SignHim #AmericanSongContest This might be my #NewFavoriteSong #ASC,” said one fan.

“Song 10: Wyoming Oh sure if any song goes viral tonight it’s this one. It’s so TikTok friendly. It’s definitely one of those songs that Eurovision fans tense would call a ‘joke entry’ not realizing it’s actually culturally relevant lmao #AmericanSongContest,” one fan tweeted. “Okay I’m laughing now but the Wyoming song is going to live rent free in my head for the next three days #AmericanSongContest,” another noted.

‘American Song Contest’ airs Monday at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream songs from your favorite artists on your favorite music streaming app.

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