Allen Stone wins his second jury vote

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American song contest officially started the semi-finals. After the 11 covers of the original songs, America has the opportunity to choose the artists who will continue in the finale in a much shorter voting period. Even with the stiff competition, Allen Stone is once again safe from elimination due to the American song contest jury vote.

Last week, Michigan’s Ada LeAnn impressed with her original song “Natalie.” Her performance at the Taylor Swift immediately seduced the jury. Tenelle of American Samoa, John Morgan of North Carolina and Sweet Taboo of California join Ada in the semi-finals. In addition to last week’s artists, Enisa from New York was announced as the second redemption song.

Unlike the final weeks of the competition, the US vote will send four states directly to the next round of the competition. The jury ranking always sends an artist at the end of the evening. Prior to this change, America’s votes were added to the jury’s votes to determine the artists continuing in the next episode.

Four artists from the jury’s vote advance to the semi-finals

The voice winner Jordan Smith returned to the American song contest stage with his angelic tune, “Sparrow”. Even though her performance wasn’t the most energetic, I was surprised by her voice. It held the top of the jury vote until Allen Stone’s performance. Her voice was once again a breath of fresh air in the competition. Her beautifully unique voice shone on stage.

The other two artists in the jury vote were practically a battle of the ballad. Hueston’s ballad “Held On Too Long” was once again powerful compared to Ada’s “Natalie”, which was a little softer. Although the two songs are definitely different, I like both narratives.

Viral American song contest The artists fight for their place in the next round

It’s no secret that the success of Ryan Charles’ “New Boot Goofin'” earned him a spot in the semi-finals. Her track redeemed the top wildcard spot of the round when she earned 1.3 million streams. The crowd roared for her return to the stage.

Ryan wasn’t the only artist to go viral online. Right up there with her song was AleXa’s song “Wonderland”. She again took the stage with great energy and great choreography. I hope both artists go further because they have some of the strongest stage presences.

At the end of the episode, Allen was announced as American song contest first winner of the jury’s vote in the semi-finals. Next week, four more artists will move on to the next round of the competition. American song contest returns to NBC Live on Monday, May 2 from 8-10 p.m. ET for the second round of the semifinals. Voting is now open on NBC’s website, app and TikTok, closing at 8 a.m. ET Tuesday.

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