Alex Král: The atmosphere in the team is so positive

West Ham United concluded their successful UEFA Europa League squad campaign on Thursday night with a home encounter with Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb and Alex kral is keen to create more momentum.

The Hammers have won four and have drawn in their five European games to date, scoring eleven goals and conceding just two – a fine record for the Hammers’ first experience in continental football in the group stage.

But Czech Republic midfielder Král believes they can continue to aim even higher and is confident that the positive atmosphere in the team will keep them going.

“The atmosphere is really good because we are at the top of the Europa League group, we are in the top four of the Premier League. It’s positive, but we have to stay focused because it’s not easy, ”he explained.

“For most of the players it’s the first time in the Europa League, but we have a lot of experience in the Premier League and we have the bigger goals.

“We know it’s going to be difficult because great teams are coming to the Europa League. We think we can beat them and we have to be focused and precise like we are in big games. of course it’s possible [to go a long way]. “

For most players it’s the first time in the Europa League but we have the bigger goals

Alex kral

Král, 23, has had to wait for his chance since arriving on loan from Spartak Moscow this summer, but the opportunity will likely present itself against Dinamo at London Stadium on Thursday.

He says he’s ready to take it.

“I’m a soccer player and want to play every game so having COVID hasn’t been easy, but I’m new here on the squad,” he explained.

“Football is different so I had time to get used to it and now I want to have more and more minutes. My job is to be ready for my luck, and I’m happy for every minute that I get .

“In my post, of course, I have known Tomáš from Slavia Prague and the national team for a long time. I trained with Declan for three months, so I study how they play, how they move on the pitch and learn from them. It’s good for me.”

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