“A scary atmosphere” created for restaurants, according to the Association

The Bangladesh Restaurant Owner’s Association (BROA) alleged that a frightening environment was created in the name of holding fairground hearings at their business establishments.

At a press conference held at a city hotel on Saturday, Association leaders called on relevant authorities to dispel the fear and normalize the atmosphere for the betterment of the growing sector.

Association secretary general Imran Hasan read the requests at the conference, while platform chairman Osman Gani and other executives and owners of different restaurants attended the event.

Currently, seven state agencies operate mobile courts in the restaurant business, the restaurateurs said.

The owners requested the formulation of a specific policy on how the existing mobile court hearings could be properly conducted.

At present, there are 0.4 million restaurants across the country. About 3.0 million workers and employees work in this sector.

But the sector is severely neglected, insiders said, adding that the government has yet to recognize the sector as an industry.

Therefore, restaurateurs demanded that the government treat the sector like an industry.

Mr Hasan further said restaurant owners have to deal with 11 state agencies to obtain or renew licenses to run their businesses.

For this, he added, they suffered enormous financial losses and harassment.

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