5 Ways Sonic Colors Are Better Than Adventure (& Why It’s Worse)


Many new and popular properties may have taken over the video game industry, but there is still a huge love for the classic Sega series, Sonic the hedgehog. The Sonic Games were a fundamental aspect of ’90s gaming culture and probably the biggest threat Nintendo’s Mario ever faced. Sonic the hedgehog To experienced a lot of transformations, both for better and for worse, and Sega struggled to find the best approach for the gaming legend in 3D space.

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by Séga modern treatment of Sonic remains a mixed bag, but Sound colors is one of the most impressive episodes of recent years. The Dreamcast Sound adventure is always considered as a reference for 3D Sonic games, but Sound colors can circle around it in several ways.

ten Colors are better: incorporating wisps is fun, not frustrating

Sonic Colors Wisp Game Use Rings

One of the biggest obstacles than the modern Sonic games that have faced is that each new title decides that it must incorporate a new wild game mechanic into Sonic’s already reliable formula. These new additions to the franchise often seem redundant, which has given many players a break on Sound colors announcement.

However, the Wisp system of Sound colors feels incredibly natural and is able to comfortably augment Sonic’s traditional, fast-paced gameplay rather than trying to reinvent it. This element could have gone too far, but it strikes the right balance and makes Wisps feel like something that could make a comeback.

9 Colors are worse: adventure evokes more of a revolutionary feeling

Dreamcast Sonic Adventure Whale Chase Video Games

Sound colors is a beautiful game and the recent Ultimate remaster makes for an even prettier package, but it still looks pale from when someone first played (or even saw) Sound adventure on the Dreamcast. The graphic leap forward in Dreamcast technology in 1999 was revolutionary in a way that was difficult to replicate.

The magic of this new next-gen experience and the escape of this whale for the first time has helped sell many Dreamcast consoles. Sound colors is fun, but it doesn’t sound like a gateway to a new world in the same way.

8 Colors are better: the focus is on the platform

Sonic Colors Platform game

New Sonic the hedgehog installments can go anywhere and that’s actually a rarity when the basics of the original franchise are worked out. There can be such a focus on how to go as fast as possible that other elements are overlooked in the process.

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The first one Sonic the games were fast, but they also effortlessly pushed the platform genre to new places and does well-timed jumps just as essential as high-speed running. Sound colors ensures that the challenging and rewarding platform is front and center and that jumps are intuitively integrated into Sonic’s fast journeys.

7 Colors are worse: there is no chaos augmentation system

Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 2 Chao VMU Transfer

Foreign features can sometimes mark the death of a game, but surprisingly, one of the secret weapons of Sound adventure is the virtual pet Chao Raising side-game. Chaos is an adorable presence that is introduced into Sound adventure and there is a robust system involved in their elevation that players can immerse themselves in.

A modern Chao Raising spinoff would still be popular with audiences, so it’s a shame that Sound colors, and other Sonic games, have not revived it to some extent. It is a technology that is only more accessible now.

6 Colors are better: don’t get lost in endless cutscenes

Sonic Colors Game Entrance Temple

The Sonic the series started from a simple place which gradually got more complicated. A lot of dedication Sonic fans come to the games for fast-paced gameplay rather than long, ornate cutscenes that set up something more elaborate. It’s almost become the norm for moderns Sonic games to start with a strong dose of mythology with new characters that are ultimately useless.

Sound colors isn’t without cutscenes, but it jumps right into the gameplay and understands that this is where the most attention is required. It is possible to enjoy Sound colors’ levels and not get lost in tradition.

5 Colors are Worse: Lacks the creative use of multiple characters and gameplay designs for adventure

Sonic Adventure game Amy Rose Robot Chase

Ironically, one of the most impressive details about Sound adventure is now an item that has become one of the Sonic bigger problems. Sound adventure broke new ground with the unprecedented number of characters it allowed audiences to control, with contrasting play styles reflected throughout them all.

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This is perhaps the best implementation of this mechanic where all the characters are fun and don’t feel useless (although there is an argument to be made for Big the Cat). Sound colors recedes in this regard, drawing inspiration from more bloating Sonic games, but Sound adventure does it well.

4 Colors are better: there is exceptional level design that moves between 2D and 3D environments

Sonic Colors Hamburger Hill game

One item that the most recent Sonic the hedgehog the games continue to struggle is how to push the character and his game mechanics into a 3D world. Some of the most satisfying Sonic the games to be released over the past decade are those that embrace the 2D roots of the series rather than pushing a formula that doesn’t feel natural.

Sound colors strives to create remarkable design levels that are the perfect hybrid of 3D and 2D sensibilities, with more emphasis on the latter. Some of the later levels are too punitive, but it’s still an awesome package.

3 Colors are worse: Sonic Adventure’s hardcore emblem ranking system is missing

The Sonic the hedgehog The series has always been accessible to the general public, but has also found ways to engage more dedicated players with hidden challenges and more hardcore perks. Sound adventure incorporates a satisfying system of emblems which are rewarded for levels beaten according to strict requirements and guidelines.

These emblems are just stimulating enough and naturally teach players how to become pros with levels. The original Sound adventure has 130 emblems and there are 180 in Sound adventure 2. The concept returns in Sound heroes, but modern games like Sound colors would benefit from its incorporation.

2 Colors are better: his approach to hidden and unlockable content

Sonic Colors Starlight Carnival Red Ring Game

It has become an expectation of modern games that there will be some degree of hidden and unlockable content wrapped up in a title, but the level of fun surrounding this extra material can vary wildly. Sound colors’ the levels contain branch paths and hidden red rings, which are actually rewarding to find.

The approach to these hidden elements resembles how the original Sonic the games hide their giant ring bonus areas. The Wisps are incorporated in an inspired way, so retreading old territory with new powers is exciting, not tedious.

1 Colors Are Worse: Sonic Adventure Crafts Most Engaging, Layered Story

Sega Sonic Adventure Chaos Boss

Sound colors presents a straightforward scenario that still manages to tap into apocalyptic stakes and threaten the biggest Sonic universe. A part of Sonic the most awkward modern moments come from epic storylines that just don’t feel out of place with this fast-paced hedgehog. Sound adventure develops a justified story that does not stray far from the original games trilogy.

More impressive still, a layered narrative is built where each character’s story progresses in a different way and everyone has to be used to experience the full story. It’s a smart structure that seems big enough.

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