5 ways Sega should celebrate its birthday (& 5 that it shouldn’t)


The video game industry has changed exponentially over the past few decades, but Sonic the hedgehog has been going on for 30 years. While Sega has developed successful franchises Over the years, 2021 marks Sonic’s 30th birthday and there is still excitement around the hedgehog.

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After eclectic video game mascots have entered the industry since its inception, but Sonic’s personality and speed has helped him invade other forms of media like comics, animated series, and feature films. There is a lot of speculation on how Sega might celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, as well as what is not the right approach for this milestone.

ten Should Celebrate: A Sonic Adventure Remake Happens

Sega Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape Truck

Sound adventure and its sequel are far from perfect games, but there is a lot of love for them and some Sega fans even equate them to Super Mario 64 in terms of what they’ve done to bring Sonic into the 3D world of the platform. the Sonic adventure The series is truly a product of its time, which is exactly why a full remake that fixes its problems – but retains its core mechanics – would be such a treat for fans. Alternatively a Sound adventure 3 which faithfully recreates the experience of the originals would be equally satisfying.

9 Shouldn’t Celebrate: Useless Ports of Disposable Tickets

the Sonic the hedgehog the series was pretty straightforward. Since Sega proliferated into third party businesses, there have been a multitude of Sonic games, many of which are cross-platform versions, but some are console-exclusive. There are a number of Wii and Wii U exclusivity Sonic games that don’t need to be celebrated or pushed into the next generation. There can often be a misunderstanding Sonic spin-off efforts are the most enjoyable and a return to titles like Sonic and the Secret Rings is not the right approach.

8 Should Celebrate: The Release Of A Sonic Dreamcast Collection

Sega Sonic Adventure Chaos Boss

There’s an added level of nostalgia associated with Sega’s Dreamcast for Sonic Fans. The console’s short lifespan has caused many console gems to become lost classics. The biggest Sonic games for the Dreamcast have been ported to other consoles.

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However, it would be very satisfying to receive a definitive collection that puts each Dreamcast together. Sonic relic, if only for new audiences to experience it. Games like Sonic shuffle aren’t necessarily good, but some fans complain that they can’t take a chance. This version could finally complete these Sonic gaps.

7 Shouldn’t Celebrate: Titles That Prioritize Sonic’s Supporting Character

Sega Knuckles Chaotix Characters

Arguably one of the biggest problems with the Sonic franchise is that she frequently loses sight of herself and her main character in favor of a growing list of supporting personalities. Initial Sonic creations like Tails, Knuckles and Metal Sonic are strokes of genius and even Sound adventure advances the formula effectively. There has been more pressure to develop bold hedgehog characters like Shadow and Silver that rely too much on convoluted stories and extravagant superpowers. Some Sonic the titles completely embrace these supporting characters, but Sonic’s 30th birthday should celebrate it, not his friends.

6 Should Celebrate: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is finally over

Sega Sonic 4 Episode II Waterfall

One of the biggest celebrations for Sonic the fans arrived in 2010 when Sonic the hedgehog 4 has been freed. 2D side scrolling is designed to give the impression of a seamless transition for Sonic the hedgehog 3 and return to the basic game mechanics. Sonic the hedgehog 4 uses an episodic approach and its second opus was released in 2012. Unfortunately, the series never ended and Episode iii has been canceled without release. It would be satisfying to finally complete this project and bring back the previous entries for a modern audience.

5 Shouldn’t Celebrate: More Sound Performance in Super Smash Bros

the Super Smash Bros. series did a great job with guest characters and DLC which draw from a wide range of video game franchises. It was a huge deal when Sonic finally became a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and there were often discussions about more Sonic characters making the cut.

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To be clear, it would be a lot of fun to have Tails, Knuckles, or Shadow as their own playable characters in the game, but there are better ways to mark Sonic’s birthday than through another company’s franchise.

4 Should Celebrate: Sonic’s wearable classics are remade and reassembled

Sega Sonic Triple Trouble Train

the Sonic the hedgehog series, a bit like the Super Mario games, have a healthy life not only on home consoles, but on Sega’s line of handhelds. The main console Sonic games get the most attention, but there are some great portable inputs that aren’t all that different from Sonic Best efforts. These portable entries were transferred via collections, but they deserve a full upgrade to bring them to the level of Sonic original console efforts. The limits of the Game Gear, or even the Game Boy Advance, have held audiences back from some excellent and obscure securities.

3 Shouldn’t Celebrate: Another Massive Port Collection Released

Retro collections serve an important purpose and Sega has compiled some excellent ones in the past, some of which are even dedicated entirely to Sonic list of games. There are now a handful of very complete Sonic collections which assemble and wear on all major classic versions, plus many additional features. These compilations have occurred enough times that it is not necessary to create another one that recycles the material again. It would be easy to imagine a “Sonic 30th Anniversary Collection” that brings together everything from the past, but at this point, it’s not necessary.

2 Should Celebrate: Sonic Mania Gets The Sequel It Deserves

Sonic Mania Mirage Saloon Stage

Sonic the hedgehog has struggled over the past decade and there are still some satisfying titles in the franchise, but it feels like Sega has struggled to develop a cohesive vision for Sonic’s future. Many new games were big 3D extravagances and Sonic Mania is a clever course correction that’s a love letter to classic games in the series. It is a masterpiece at all levels and Sonic mania deserves to become the new dominant Sonic franchise which maintains the level of quality that the property deserves.

1 Shouldn’t Celebrate: New Sonic Cartoon Goes Into Production

Sonic the hedgehog popularity has soared to the point where the character’s video game roots are only a fraction of what he stands for. There have been many animated series over the years and more recent efforts have even teamed up with video games to create their own universe. More lively Sonic is on its way, which will recontextualize the blue blur in different ways. A Sonic the animated series itself isn’t a bad idea, but it also feels like a consolation prize for a video game character’s birthday. Fans want to see Sonic succeed as a game franchise.

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