5 super actionable strategies that will make your Instagram marketing campaign go viral


Instagram is a great platform to promote your brand, reach a large audience, and drive engagement. With over 300 million active users across the world, Instagram continues to grow every day. Creating a successful campaign is not always an easy task. Throughout the campaign, you try to achieve a goal with well-planned content and a focused target. Let’s dive into a few things to consider in order to get a better picture of users.

1. Set goals, tactics, schedule and budget


First of all, you need to understand what you are trying to accomplish with an Instagram campaign.

  • If you want to get people to an offline store or event, you need to set goals wisely, like running a contest, giving away freebies, or hashtags.
  • If you are aiming to build awareness of your brand, there are many ways to achieve this; you can post consistently, use hashtags, post great photos, have a posting schedule, etc.
  • If your goal is to generate sales, you need to get people’s attention effectively. Make sure you have a call-to-action button or links that direct them to the purchase.
  • Or, your goal might be to increase the number of your subscribers, then you will have to outline a great strategy and the others mentioned above.


When you are aware of the target audience, you need to think about different tactics to use. To run a competition, budget for prizes, legal fees, and management. Always focus on reviewing posts and responding to subscribers quickly. To partner with influencers, you need to develop a list of influencers you already know or would like to work with. You should also consider whether these influencers only work for sponsored posts or not. A technique where some brands get along well when running campaigns with different companies, which is an effective way to link subscribers to other brands that provide products and services just like yours. If you are selling digital or hardware products, you may want to consider sharing coupons with subscribers.


Developing a strong Instagram customer base over the long term is essential; therefore, Instagram campaigns work indefinitely. Generally, you should create a few structured campaigns to increase your audience and engage the target audience with your business and then add them with some strategic ideas. When you run a contest, partner with an influencer, or launch a product, be prepared and planned for the end of the campaign, allowing the team to complete everything on time.

Decide on the campaign budget

Make an accurate estimate of how much to invest in campaigns and the returns you get. Before you sell a product, try to predict the sales you will gain from the campaign and decide your strategy based on that number. Suppose you don’t know how much to invest, experiment with a smaller budget, and gradually increase the investment if you see any hope of success. Whether the amount is big or small, always plan the budget so you won’t be shocked once the invoice is received.

2. Know your audience

Identifying the target audience is the first step when creating an Instagram campaign. It would be best if you had a clear picture of what your audience expects from you, their interests, interactions, and who they trust. You may even be aware of this from your past experiences, but in order to get it right with the campaign, you need to have a deep understanding of the level of interactions. Knowing your audience better helps you create engaging content, and when people like it, you tend to get automatic Instagram likes which paves the way for brand awareness, increased engagement and sales boost. There are many tools on the market that let you know who your followers are and why they are following you. These tools allow you to track the performance of your campaign on Instagram; You can track engagement from previous and current posts, feedback on how it works, good knowledge of customer interactions, and how to effectively grow your reach.

3. Develop a message

The vital part of your campaign is an aesthetic tone that adds personality to your brand. People see how you talk to them, follow a consistent style on captions, whether friendly or formal. The majority of brands choose a warm tone, but the reverse can do well. During audience research, try to know in depth the requirements and wants of subscribers. This could be the main motive of your campaign; on this basis, you could appeal to them to satisfy their goals and desires. Some companies create campaigns not only to promote brands, but for a cause they trust. Check out the general interests of your followers that match the characteristics of the brand. This way, you could run a successful campaign and increase your visibility.

4. Campaign on other social media platforms

It is not enough to campaign on Instagram but to promote brands on other networks to be successful. Limiting your movement to a single platform could prevent you from showcasing your brands to a larger audience. You can create a custom page that redirects people to Instagram campaigns. Make sure you present the brand and its style in the campaign. The quality of the brand image defines the effectiveness of the campaign. If you own an ecommerce business to sell products, you may want to consider linking your Instagram to your website to drive sales from campaigns. The content you share on the website will benefit your followers who are not part of your Instagram campaign. Finally, when you promote more and more products on Instagram, you can build engagement with your website even if you don’t update your site frequently.

5. Create the right hashtags

Hashtags are essential for Instagram campaigns. It might be easy to create one, but quite difficult to develop a hashtag that attracts people and builds brand awareness. You need to choose the hashtags that work best to promote the campaigns. Create short, simple hashtags instead of long texts that are difficult to type on small mobile keyboards. Powerful hashtag campaigns only use three words or less. You can also create memorable and easy to remember hashtags. Whatever hashtags you create, make sure they relate to the brand and its personality.

Final thoughts

Understanding the interest and wants of the audience allows you to run an effective Instagram campaign. With exceptional images and firm strategies, you can achieve the expected result of your campaign for your business.

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