5 Actors Who Could Voice Amy In The Sonic Movies

Sonic has developed quite an entourage over the decades, and while more than half of them are either forgettable or despised, there are plenty of fan favorites. Amy Rose, Sonic’s unwanted girlfriend and hammer-wielding teammate, is a standout that’s been around almost since the beginning.

Amy Rose, also known as Rosie the Rascal, was introduced in 1993 sonic cd. She was playable in a few spin-off racing games before her in-game debut in 1999. Sonic Adventure. Amy is a good-natured, energetic hedgehog who develops an all-consuming crush on Sonic, which leads her to follow him on all of his adventures. Unfortunately, in her early appearances, her infatuation with Sonic was her only trait, but she’s gained a more identifiable personality over the years.


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the Supersonic Detonation the cartoon was probably his high point as a character, adding both an element of unhinged temperament and emotional maturity. Even his relationship with Sonic has become more nuanced. Amy is a much more well-rounded character in her modern incarnations, and with her long-standing key importance to the franchise, there’s no denying she’ll be joining the continuing Sonic movie universe.


An apparently obvious choice, but full of pitfalls. Cindy Robinson has been the voice of Amy for over a decade now, from Sonic Free Riders. He’s the performer who brought to life the aforementioned franchise’s best take on the character in Supersonic Detonation. The surprising casting of Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Tails sonic the hedgehog 2 setting the precedent that the films could bring the series’ regular voice into the new medium, a rarity in the industry.

However, Robinson, with the voice of longtime Sonic Roger Craig Smith, announced that she would not be returning to the role after 11 years and at least 17 projects. Then again, shortly after, she and Smith were cast in the next video game. sound borders, so it’s hard to say where they are in the franchise. If Robinson decides she’s not done with the role, after all, she’s fantastic in the role and her history with the character would add a ton to the film. Robinson can also be heard in recurring roles such as Makoto in the BlazBlue series or operetta in monster raised.

anna kendrick sir right

This beloved Perfect star has been in the industry for over twenty years and continues to be one of the most charming artists around. Kendrick is an award-winning talent with over 50 credits under his belt. Although best known for her on-screen accolades, Kendrick is also an accomplished voice actress, in films such as Paranormand and the Trolls franchise. Kendrick would bring a ton of attention to the film and bring his trademark comedic likeability to the role.

Amy is a fun character because her main traits are set, but her personality sliders are always in motion. Kendrick is a gifted performer who could bring out both her empathetic side as a team therapist and her unhinged aggressive side. Whichever way the movie chose to portray Amy Rose, Anna Kendrick would obviously be a great fit for the role.

kristen schaal

On stage, she is one of the most endearing figures of alternative comedy. On screen, she’s an iconic supporting character in some of the best sitcoms of the generation. In the vocal booth, she lends her hugely recognizable voice to iconic characters like Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls.

Schaal has a voice like no other, fans can identify him in a line or two, but it works to his advantage. Ben Schwartz, the voice of Sonic in the movies, is also an accomplished comedian. It would probably be a lot of fun to see them play against each other, bringing more humor to Sonic and Amy’s bizarre relationship. Schaal is a hilarious performer who would liven up the Sonic movie universe.


Best known as the main character of the beloved Netflix comedy series The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kemper is a hilarious entertainer with a disarmingly upbeat sense of humor. Her most iconic role on her own would be bona fide for Amy Rose, but Kemper is a wonderful supporting actress in a variety of movies and shows, from her recurring role on Office to his voice acting credits in series like sofia the first.

As an actress, she has worked with The daily show, written for onion, and made a name for himself in the sketching community. Kemper’s trademark personality and well-established comedy chops make him an excellent choice to join the Sonic movie series.


This versatile and gifted actress has brought to life some of television’s most beloved characters over her nearly twenty-year career. Her role as Annie Edison in Community was as hilarious as it was powerful, commanding a very complex character and standing out among many great performers. His performance in GLOW was a dynamic track that sold true pathos throughout the show. She’s an accomplished actress and her natural charm makes her a fantastic choice for the role of Amy Rose.

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